Sloane bag vs Sonia tote - will either work for paperwork?

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  1. I need to find a bag that I can carry several 8 1/2" x 11" spiral notebooks in. If I could put my 15" laptop in it that would be a plus but not necessary.

    Will either the Sloane crossbody bag or the Sonia tote work well for this? Or does HH make another bag that would?
  2. Sonia tote is large enough for your needs.. Can fit everything you mentioned IMO..
    I have no input about the Sloane crossbody..
  3. #3 Nov 9, 2008
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2008 sounds like you are looking for school or work. 15" laptop plus notebooks hmmm.

    Can't answer about the Sloane because I don't own one so someone else will probably be more helpful.

    I needed a bag for the same purpose. Went with the Corcovado and the Sonia. Both would suit perfectly plus you can either carry them under your arm or sling on your arm or carry by hand.

    CORCOVADO: Love the three good sized, outside pockets (two zipper, one snap) stacked one on top of the other in front, plus the two ample side storage pouches that snap securely, inner zip pocket, roomy interior and the three cell phone, pda and something else (keys, makeup etc) and the adaptablity of the Corcovado which I used today for the first time LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    I own it in Khaki patent so it's light weight. Don't know about the other weight leathers. I have a bad back and this one is a keeper.

    : Just as functional but it has less exterior storage for quick access. The Sonia is a bit less bulky looking on the outside but has an amazing capacity for storage as well. Just a bit sleeker and a bit more refined. Again, I think it has to do with pricepoint for me, plus looks, function, "shlepability" and practicality..Does this help any?
  4. very helpful! thank you!