Sloane Bag sold out?!

  1. I was doing my daily browsing of the BV website and when I clicked on the Sloane, it said "sold out"!! Hopefully that just means the spring/summer production is sold out and more will be coming for the fall/winter line. This bag is so popular, it will become a classic. I have seen a couple in stores, but no more ordering Sloanes from the website for now. You lucky people who have them, good for you that you got them when you did!!:yes:
  2. Oh no! Was the Sloan a LE?!?!
  3. Boxermom I saw that too and thought "whew, I'm saved!" :sweatdrop: but then ran smack into a Limo Sloane yesterday at a small boutique that 3 weeks ago said they weren't getting it! Sad to say (for my wallet) it came home with me. :shame: So yes, they are still out there....

    Greentea do you recall what colors you saw at Nordstrom? :flowers: I went thru their lookbook checking for Limo a few weeks ago and didn't see it... as much as I like supporting a small boutique I really like Nordies customer service. :yes: :idea:
  4. GT... which nordies is it?
  5. I recall the SA mentioned the Sloane would be accorded the classic status and hence should be available in classic and seasonal colours. I hope so as this bag is truly gorgeous!
  6. I was at the Nordies in Fashion Valley Mall.

    Saw and tried on: Pergamena, Ebano and Noce. They might have had more colors in the back So nice there - give 'em a call! LOVED the Ebano.
  7. would love to try one on one day!
  8. :yahoo: that's what I wanted to hear! I've never been in a Nordie's that carried BV, but I haven't been in that many.
  9. They have plenty at the boutique
  10. OK, so if I can come up with a couple thousand, I can still get a Sloane. I still may have to wait. Maybe they've all been shipped for this season's colors.
  11. Boxermom...that bag will be there for you when you are ready!!!
  12. I don't think they're gonna stop producing it. In fact, I saw a couple at BV in LV just this weekend
  13. woohoo... i hope it will come in awesome seasonal colors next season...
    cant wait for the fall....
  14. MLP...the SA's already know the color schemes for Fall. I asked them on my last visit, but don't hate me...I did not put it to memory. Sorry!!!