Sloan vs. Ball Bag

  1. Hello everyone,
    Could you tell me how the Sloan bag compares to the Ball Bag? What the the differences? Which one do you prefer and why?

    Also, does the Sloan come in Ebano and Nero, or just in Noce?

  2. I don't have either, but I've read about them here. The ball bag had divided sections inside the bag. I don't think the Sloane does. I've seen the Sloan in white and just about all the bags come in Nero and Ebano, so Iwould think the Sloane does too. Others with actual experience will come along. Look for the threads about the Sloane and Ball Bag.
  3. Thank you, Boxer Mom! I am wondering specifically about the shoulder drop on the Ball bag vs. the Sloan. I love the Veneta, but I find the shoulder drop a bit short. And, I'm trying to decide which one - the Sloan or the Ball bag - would be a nice alternative.

    I will await the replies!
  4. From the photos in the 2 thread I re-read about a ball bag and a Sloane, the shoulder drop for the Ball bag is longer and roomier than the Sloane. If you're smallish, the Sloan will go on the shoulder but not with a coat on. The Ball bag is definitely a shoulder bag if you want it to be.

    I had to return a medium Veneta because it was tight on my shoulder. I ended up getting the larger Campana because I needed the larger shoulder drop. I'm 5'6" but big-boned and somewhat overweight so the roomier strap is comfortable for me.

    Hoping more people will reply tomorrow!
  5. The Ball has a longer shoulder drop but less interior room. The Sloane and the Ball are similar in size but the Ball has a Slimmer profile.
    I'm 5'3" and the Sloane fit on my shoulder with no problem and it also looked cute in the crook of my arm. The Ball has a divided interior that will not work for me.
  6. i dont have the sloane (yet)... but i have ball bag. ball bag is conveninent because it has 4 different pockets on top of the zippered pocket. SO you can put your stuff separately, ie one pocket for cellphone, one pocket for keys, etc....

    I have only tried on the sloane. I personally like the look of the sloane better, but.... the sloane is just a giant compartment... I dont even recall a cellphone pocket... I dont mind it not having compartments.. i have another bag similar to this, and the big space is very convenient, but.... it is difficult to find something in a hurry, KWIM?
    someone who has the sloane prob can help you better.

    if you can get both, get both... they are very unique and I think will work for different purpose.....
  7. i think the ball bag has easier access. its easier to get things in and out of it whereas the sloane bag you have to "open" the bag before you can get things out.