slmi carly in tdf blue!!!

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  1. omg! that ocean blue is unbelievably gorg!!!!!
  2. Very nice new design!!!!
  3. no picture? =(
  4. oooo nice...

    Thank you
  5. Ahhh! it has a longer drop listed than the medium and large Carly! *pout* Now another bag I want....:lol: AND it's in between sizes of the medium and large Carly- bajhshuhirtards! At least it's not in choc sig right now or else I would be seriously pouting!

  6. TIA! My heart has been set on buying the Legacy Leather shoulder bag next week and now I see this new slim Carly! Like you, I'm glad it's not in my favorite color (YET!). Hoping it will come out in more sizes and some more color combos!:tup:
  7. I just put this bag on my wishlist...even though I already have a black leather Carly, I can always use another...
  8. OMG I think I want this now. But I don't like any of the trim colors on the signature....

    Can't wait for modeling pics !
  9. It is a beautiful bag. I am just puzzled as to why they call it a "Slim Carly". While the size in in between the regular and large Carly and the drop is different, it really ins't any "slimmer" than the others!
  10. Ok, it's like it combines the best of both worlds! Coach bag and Tiffany blue :smile:
    well, almost Tiff blue but still! I think this will go on my Christmas wish list! I wonder if there will be any other new stuff!?
  11. is this in stores today? I must check it out!
  12. hhmmm I think I like it, but it's so skinny!!! :shrugs:
  13. It's definitely pretty, but much too skinny for me!
  14. I think I will like this Carly. The medium isn't big enough, and the drop length is too short for me... and the large is too big! This may be just right:p I need some different colors though while the blue is really pretty the others just aren't doing it for me. I do need a black bag though:graucho: