Slippery shoes

  1. I just bought a pair of great flats but I can't wear them. The bottom of the shoe is completely smooth. It has no traction whatsoever. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this? I don't know what to do. :shrugs:
  2. i know there is something you can put at the bottom to prevent slipping. i forgot what it's called but it's from kiwi. you can get it at walmart or some other store.
  3. I go outside and scuff them up on my driveway ;)
  4. This works! I just bought new Aldo's & I was slipping everywhere. Scuffed them up a little & its fine now =)
  5. Stick velcro spots to the bottom!

    Seriously, scuff them up outside like suggested. It works! You can try the "Running Man" dance move for fast scuffing.
  6. ^LOVE that visual cal!!!
  7. There are little sticky things you can buy to put at the bottom of your shoe, they totally helped me from plummeting to my death in 3 inchers not too long ago.
  8. You could go and get rubber put on the bottom of the shoe.
  9. Walking on the driveway for a few minutes really does work great!
  10. I use a knife and put slits in the bottom.
  11. lol i fell over the other day so definately go scruff them! i was in 3" heels on a wet sloped drive... soon i was at the bottom of the wet sloped drive haha!! i hurt my ass bad tho lol
  12. like a charm!
  13. I was going to suggest that you rub sand paper on them, but then I realized that it would make them smoother. Bad idea. never mind.