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  1. ALL of the CLs I have worn so far have slippage issue no matter what size they are. The Mad Marys had the worst slippage even though my toes were almost necrotic. The Lady Gres and the Declics also slipped although not as much. The New Simples slipped but I put heel grips in, which made my toes very crunched. All those are 38s.

    Last night I wore my EB Declics which are actually a 37.5. Guess what? They slipped too! not quite as bad as the others but still. Even though they slipped, my toes were pretty crammed in there. So it seems that no matter what size the CLs are, they slip and make my toes hurt.

    My question is, is slippage just a fact of life with CLs? It would seem that way but I just wanna make sure I'm not the only idiot having this problem! The shoes are beautiful and I will keep wearing them and grinning but man, I wish they at least didn't slip! Slippage makes walking in high heels treacherous! The last thing I need is to walk out of my shoes and fall flat on my amusing to others as that may be LOL
  2. I have heel slippage in almost all my CL's at first, but after putting in Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz, they're perfect :yes:

    Have you tried all different kinds of padding?
  3. I have stopped wearing tights for the most part. Barefoot works best for me.
  4. Except for the MM which I wore with fishnets, I have worn them all barefoot. The only ones that didn't have any padding were the 37.5 Declics because I figured since they were my true US size, they'd be OK.
  5. really I don't. I put non-gel heel pads in 2 but that is it.

    I would try the foot patals.

    I always wear mine with naked legs.
  6. I think every single pair of my CLs have slippage. I've learned to just deal with it. lol
  7. The possibilities for slippage occurs with a lot of my CLs. The ones with the least are my Helmuts, Simple, Wallis (MJ strap holds ya down,) Pigalle 100 and Clichy 100.
  8. Everything fits great with a heel grip.
  9. No matter what heels I buy I get slippage. I don't know why? I don't think I have particularly narrow heels, but maybe I do? I alway alway always have to buy heel grips. I have no idea if CL is just known for slippage, but thank goodness for heel grips!
  10. Does anyone not experience heel slippage?
  11. i dont get slippage for my pigalles and simples... but my vps slip like loads, n my sg semi slips, c;est mois yea but it doesn tbother me cause they are boots....

    but do you ladies thing that foot gtall heavenly heels or school heel grips or leather liners work better?
    i dont really like the permancy of them though =S
  12. I don't in the 85mm and lower heels. In most of the higher heels I do, but the foot petals and going barefoot helps.
  13. I'm ok in declics, but slip in everything else. I like the dr. scholl's for women gel heep grips.
  14. dont the heell tend so slip more cause of the actual high heel bit is heavy hence pulls the shoe down? or does gravity not work that much?

    hmmm gonna look at the ones for women
  15. I have always used Dr. Scholl's heel grips because I can buy them at CVS instead of having to go to Nordstrom to get the foot petals. I'm pretty sure the foot petals work just as well though. But Dr. Scholl's works soooo well, I can even use only half of the sticky portion on the back instead of unsticking the whole thing (if that makes sense, lol).