1. How do you get the slingback to stay in place? Mine always slip down, yet the shoe itself doesn't feel too big at all. Is it a matter of using those sticky slingback heel grip thingys all the time?
  2. You must have skinny ankles like me - try the heel grips . . . sometimes you get the strap professionally shortened, too. (I have) Good luck!
  3. ^^^:yes:
  4. I have skinny ankles, too. Sometimes the sticky things help, but not always. They're worth a try, though. I got mine on foot petals
  5. You could also try shortening the strap by having it sewed down or cut down. As well, try to buy slingbacks that are adjustable.
  6. I actually have the strap shortened or I have extra holes poked in if they're the adjustable kind.
  7. Thanks all :smile:

    The funny thing is, I dont have skinny ankles, yet they always seem to slide down as I walk...hmmm...will try the heel grips