Slingbacks sling no more :(

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  1. So today is the second day I wore my nooka bow slingbacks and the "slingback" broke :sad: Does this happen alot? They're from Neimans but it probably makes more sense to have my cobbler fix them (I hope he can) then to send them back :sad:
  2. Neimans will pay to have them fixed, take them to an actual store and speak with the manager of the shoe dept. They'll tell you were to go and they'll have it charged to them :smile:
  3. I'm sorry this happened to you! :sad: When did you purchase it from Neimans? I would say that you should ask the management at NM's about it and ask if there's any way that you can get an exchange or compensation to fix it. It doesn't hurt to try!

    Also, you can try CL's customer service and ask if they have any service to fix it for you. I'm not familiar with CL's CS but they should be helpful.

    And worse comes to worse, you can get them fixed very easily at the local shoe cobbler for probably $30-40. Or even cheaper.

    GOOD LUCK! :smile:
  4. I purchased them literally last week...but I bought them online and live in Vancouver, Canada so I can't go to Neimans and sending them back would probably cost me more than fixing them here. I'll call them and see what they can do :smile:
  5. You should call NM and see if they will do anything. Maybe they will offer to pay for shipping.
  6. i just ordered these from NM website. hope that is not going to happen to mine :sad: were u able to get them fixed?