Slingbacks - How to keep strap from falling?

  1. It's really bothersome to have to bend down, pull up the strap, and then walk 3 steps, before having to repeat the process over and over again...any ideas ladies?

    FYI - the straps do not have the clasp with hole closure, it's just a leather strap with a bit of elastic on the end.
  2. They do work.
  3. i have them! i put them on my CLs since the straps kept on falling, but not anymore! and they are soft and wont dig in!
  4. My Manolo Carolynes were doing this. Drove me completely nuts! I just took them to my favorite shoe cobbler. He shortened the back strap a little and - voila, no more sliding! Must add that the Carolynes have elatic in the back, which was easier to snip and reshape.
  5. Oy! I had this exact same problem with a pair of black slingbacks that had this really great stiletto heel! I really wanted to buy them but the only thing was that the strap in the back kept slipping so the lady in the store told me to go see the tailor {?} at a nearby men's suit store and ask her for help. The nicest lady helped me there and she gave me these little "pads" to put in my shoes and they went in the part of the shoe where it touches the ball of your feet. KWIM?

    After that the shoes fit perfectly - no more slipping strap!
  6. I wish I went to a cobbler now for my manolo slingbacks. Was sized in store and told to purchase a 9 (usually I wear an 8) Well, the only thing that kept the shoes on was a bunch of bandaids on my heel. Finally I just decided they were the wrong size and sold on eBay for $300. I had paid $500 so took a loss. I didn't think it was wise to let a cobbler touch them, stupid me!
  7. I've tried the foot petals strappy strips and it helps a lot on some shoes, but I have that problem still on some CL slingbacks still! If the shoe is big in the front for you (and not just the heel), it won't work as well
  8. How do these strappy strips work? The picture on the website shows a shoe with ankle strap, but it's not a slingback shoe. So, I can't tell how they work. :confused1:

  9. Hi. I have used the strappy strips on my CL slingbacks. You just stick the strappy strip thingy on the inside of the slingback strap (the part that will touch your skin) and voila! No slippy slingbacks.:smile:
  10. ^ Yup, the strappy strips have adhesive on the back, so just peel them off the card they come on and stick them on the inside of the sling back. They work great :yes:
  11. I use the strips as well. They work.
  12. Do you have to use a new pair each time you wear the slingback shoes?
  13. No, you just stick them to your shoes and keep them on there. No need to replace them. I guess eventually they might wear out, but that hasn't happend to mine yet.