Sling back "clacking"..any tips/tricks to minimize heel movement?

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  1. I just had some slingbacks delivered for a wedding and I love the shoe b/c they are the only dressy heels I have found so far that are only 2 1/4" tall (I'm 5'10 and my b/fs whole family is under 5'4 except him so Im trying to not tower over everyone!).

    The slingback does not slip off when I walk but they create a clacking noise similar to that of flipflops whenever I step (all slingbacks I have ever owned do this). My heel rises out of the shoe every time I pick my feet up and then it clacks down when I step.

    Anything I can do to minimize this? I can't think of any possible solutions.

    The shoes-->
  2. I've seen these adhesive things that you can put in your shoe to keep your foot from sliding around. How about trying those? I think I saw them in Target, you could even try Zappos for that sort of thing too.
  3. I hope you have some luck fixing this - it's so annoying with slingbacks, it's the main reason I will not wear slingbacks to work.