Slimming the "Love handles"

  1. You girls know what they are! I dont have 6-pack abs (not even close) but I am more concerned with the "love handle" area! How do I get rid of it QUICK!??
  2. Wish I knew:sad2:
  3. Try doing crunches on your side, KWIM? Lay on your side with knees bent hands behind head and do crunches. Which to other side and do the same.
  4. It's next to impossible to "spot" tone. In addition to weight training cardio is a must for burning off the fat.
  5. Yes, just working a muscle doesn't mean you'll burn the fat in that area. Everybody burns fat differently, and many have areas that always go first, regardless of what they're working out. For example, I could do a million crunches and never lose an inch off my waist, but my arms would be crazy skinny!
    Supposedly a high-protein diet encourages your body to metabolize fat from the waistline first, so doing that in addition to a reduced saturated fat diet and increased cardio workout routine would be a good way to target love handles. Too bad it's not fast, though. :hrmm:
  6. The ONLY thing that will get rid of love handles - or any fat for that matter - is cardio and a deficit of calories. The most efficient way to burn fat with cardio is doing it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Like the other girls said, there is no such thing as "spot reducing" and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. Just curious, is their research to back up the part about exercising first thing on an empty stomach? Thanks!
  8. The logic behind it is that you are in a fasting state. You're glycogen stores are near empty so once you start doing cardio, it doesnt take long before you are buring fat.

    Youre body wants to use the most accesible source of fuel for energy, so if you do cardio after you have eaten, that is the first thing it will break down, then stored glycogen, then fat. So it takes longer to get to the fat.

    I use to be a member of 2 fitness forums where they posted many studies on this, I'd have to go back and look for you if you want specific references.

    But my best study, is the one I did on myself. I've been excerising for 15 years, I've been training 5-7 days a week for as long as I can remember. My routine for 13 out of those 15 years was always doing weights after work, followed by cardio. Obviously when I first started excersising I lost weight because my body wasnt use to it, but eventually I just stabilized and then years later with the same amount of excercise I started gaining weight (obviously my metabolism started to slow down). 2 years ago I switched from afternoon cardio to morning cardio. I dropped 15 lbs inside of 2 months and I didnt even change my diet! In fact my diet was pretty crap at the time. I'm not advising this but all I did was switch my cardio to the morning and the fat melted off!
  9. Love handles are my problem area also. Just takes time and weight loss- but mine are still there, just not as big when I lose weight.

    SpecialK- Thanks for the info. But I actually hear and believe that eating a little before you work out boosts your metabolism that much more. I used to workout at 5:00 am every weekday and always made myself eat something before. You want your metabolism going strong always :idea:
  10. Another way to boost your metabolism without the food is having a black coffee before your workout. If you dont like black coffee just add sweetner. Basically any Thermogenic will give you that boost and you wont lose the benefit of empty stomach cardio.

    After your cardio in a fasting state you will be in lypolisis for about 30-45minutes and therefore still be burning calories! If you plan on eating carbs after then you should wait about that time so you do not blunt lypolisis.
  11. for me, doing tae bo side kicks and side lifts reallyyy help! u dont need the video. just kick to the sides very quickly, and do them about 40 times on each side. every day =) and do bicycle crunches~ good luck!
  12. At my age, Lipo - If you are under 40 you might be able to diet them off. Or if all else fails, try Spanx!
  13. The most important thing is WATCH WHAT YOU EAT.
  14. Hi! Check my post in "The Muffin Top" thread :amuse:

    But just remember one thing: the key is burning more calories than you take in, plain and simple! Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a quick, overnight solution. =/
  15. Thats actually really interesting about the morning runs. Is that why people run in the mornings? :smile: