Slimming face botox? (pic included)

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  1. Hello everyone, i want to ask if anyone here had botox in the masseter for face slimming, i want some feedbacks
    i went to different doctor, and they said that this is an off-label treatment, but i know that it's really common in asia and korea.

    this september i will move to korea, and i want to ask if you think that i can benefit from botox in the masseter for face slimming.
    i'm 6 feet and 165 pounds, so i'm not overweight, but my lower part of the face is pretty big.
    i want to find a solution :sad:

    thanks :heart:

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  2. Botox only shrinks the muscle, so it depends on whether the mass on your jaw is actually muscle, or fat or bone (it's usually a combination of all three). Put your hands on the sides of your jaw and clench your teeth—you should feel the muscle expand. That's what will be reduced with botox. Is it significant enough to make a difference? Is that the area you feel is too prominent?

    Honestly, though, your jaw is already pretty slim. I don't think any jaw slimming procedures would do much to drastically improve your face.
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  3. that's exactly what the doctor said to me earlier, i already had this treament 1 years ago when i was in asia, but at the time i was dieting, i lost many pounds, adn my face slimmed down, i was not sure if it was botox or diet, my face stayed slim for one year (13 month passed since the last time i had botox) and now my face became bigger.

    that's why i'm want some feedback from other people who had this treatment. i want to know if i could benefit (even if by a little)
  4. The effects of Botox for the jaw rarely last a whole year. But if a doctor deemed you suitable for the procedure before, I don't see why you wouldn't again be a suitable candidate after the effects have worn off. (But, again, I don't see why you really need it).

    If you're concerned about facial fat, remember you will lose volume in the face as you grow older (you don't look that old), so don't be in any hurry to surgically remove it.
  5. U already have a slim narrow front profile...

    I only wish I have lol.
  6. Botox will most likely slim your face. It worked wonders for my large jaw muscles. It stays for 4-6 months max, then you have to get it retouched. Another good option is Dysport, which works much faster than Botox but tends to not last as long.
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  7. #7 Jul 11, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2016
    Here photo I took today.
    I don't want any drastic change, but as long Botox can slim my face, I will do it
    I booked a Botox and filler treatment for September, thank you for your replies :smile:
  8. Honestly, whatever makes you happy. It's not permanent and much better than a jaw shaving procedure so you'll know if you like it or not.

    But why are you getting fillers? You look so young.
  9. Rino filler and maybe chin :smile:
  10. The effect seems to make your chin look pointier. Honestly I think you look fine as you are as it's balanced, the after doesn't look better to me. BTW where are you getting filler?
  11. for the tip and the top of the nose.

    as i stated above, my face it's getting somehow bigger, and i don't know the cause,
    maybe botox wear off? i don't know, but that makes me feel bad, i know that stupid, but i can't help it
    i just want a slimmer face, i'm considering surgery, but for now i want to try botox again
  12. Yes botox definitely wears off. Weight gain of course would add weight to your face as well. If you had it before and liked the results, then go ahead and do it again. You seem to have undereye bags? I've seen filler do a good job of removing them.
  13. thank you, i simply don't like the fact the my face is so wide, so if botox can help reduce it, i will do it.
    i just wanted to know if i can get some results or it's a waste of money
  14. i think that you already have enough slim face.... but.. if you want to have slimer face than now, you'd better to have botox. but i dont want to recommend to do surgical something.. you might be seen artifical. not natural.
  15. Ok thank you :smile:

    Btw how can I delete photos? .__.