Slimey LV seller & shill bidding!

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  1. If anyone has time to report this seller, I would appreciate it! I have been watching as the shill bidder keeps retracting their bids as the end gets closer. GRRRR

    With 25 minutes left in the auction, there were 87 bids, with some poor innocent leading the auction at $995!! After they retracted their bid (hmmm, a little birdie must have sang something in their ear), the shill bidder furiously started retracting their bids......
  2. I hate that, she/he will be non registred user if it's really the seller
  3. Interesting...the seller and the shill bidder both had 0 feedback comments. Good thing the buyer didn't pay a lot for that bag -- if it's real -- but it's impossible to tell with the one crappy photo. Ugh.
  4. It's definitely a fake ~ the cerises did not come in a 30. The LV tab on the outside is way too long. Also note the fake envelopes.
  5. If it hasn't been done, I'll do it. I have this and the link to report fakes in my favorites list lol. I report things daily :smile:
    So even if the auction is already over, they can still warn or suspend the seller and their multiple accounts. If it gets to them in time, they can even make it so the buyer isn't obligated to pay. I assume they used paypal though so it might be too late.
  6. I thought I was the only one that reported counterfeit sellers to eBay... :shrugs:
  7. Oh, hardly! I do it all the time with many different counterfeit pieces from a lot of different designers. I honestly think ebay hates hearing from me since I report things so often lol.
  8. I do it too:smile: It almost feels like I give something back to the society or something.. lol
  9. I thought bids couldn't be retracted starting 12 hours before the auction ends? I know the seller can't modify or add to the description with 12 hours left and thought it worked both ways...
  10. Well I think if they ARE the same person, the seller could have retracted/cancelled the bids of their shill accounts.
    I don't know if that's exactly what happened but if people want to deceive others, they'll do anything they can.
  11. wow that's crazy

    keep up the good fight at elminiating a$$holes on ebay

  12. I often wonder if e-bay's customer service dept is sick of seeing reports from my ebay account as well.
  13. I tried many times to report counterfit sellers but I never see any of those listing being removed, even there there are several days left. I wonder if ebay really cares.
  14. Fake items do eventually get removed although it may take a while and lots of people reporting

    Please post this auction in the Report This thread so that others who regularly report items can help.
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