Slim (worn) and mini purse

  1. Got these more pics from my SA and thought I'd share. So cute but nothing I really need to get here.
    slim.worn.s.jpg minis.jpg
  2. OH! Thanks for the pics.

    I have yet to see the Slim on (even if it isnt a real person wearing it :p)
  3. i kinda like the slim... does anyone know if it will be available with RH and tassels?

    thanks for the pics btw!
  4. The Slim looks gorgeous worn!!! I am sooooo in trouble! :shame:

    Thank you for posting the pictures. :smile:
  5. thanks a bunch for posting these!
  6. thanks for pictures!! they were super helpful.. urgh that slim is soo tempting!!!
  7. I need to see a size 10/12 girl wearing the Slim. Looks like a plumper arm might not fit so easily through those handles. Thanks so much for sharing these pics!
  8. Are those the really small coin purses or the bigger one?.. Whats the price.. thanks for posting pics!
  9. Ohh, is the BG CP on hold for anyone?:yes:
  10. I agree. I'm a size 6 but my arms aren't as thin as that mannequin. I was worried that it would be a tight fit like the Brief, City, etc. Can't Balenciaga realize that not everyone has twig arms like their runway models. Most of their handles are too short!!!:cursing: I guess I can cross that one off my list. I wear a lot of sleeveless things and I don't want armpit on my bag.:p
    Thank you very much for posting pictures. Love the bag, hate the handles.

  11. is the slim bigger or smaller than the brief?
  12. hmmm:thinking:.....I think with use and the weight of items inside those handles would stretch a tad. I just might need that white w/SH.
  13. Smaller as Pink_Katana's picture shows. She posted them here in her thread.


  14. Don't you think it looks notched around the armpit? I think there's hope ;)
  15. Thanks for the great pictures! Do you mind me asking what store your SA works at?TIA!!!!!