Slim (straight) & skinny jeans, what to wear with ?!

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  1. i just bought a pair slim jeans and a pair skinny jeans and i've been wondering what to wear with them during the summer season? every t-shirt and polo i have seem to be too big even though i buy small sized at Old navy, GAP... they just end poofy at the bottom...

    during the cold season i can wear it like this because of the coat covers up.[​IMG]

    any suggestions for this summer? thanks
  2. moved this from GEN DISC to the wardrobe area
  3. I like to wear longer tunic-type tops, or those with a little volume, over cigarette pants and skinny jeans.
  4. if you have a loose fitting shirt, you could use an elastic belt around the waist to give it that fitted voluminous look with the skinny jeans.
  5. Tunic tops look great as they seem to balance it all out
  6. I wear tunics and babydolls with mine. :heart:
  7. And ballet flats.:yes:
    I waited for over 20 years for this look to come back!
  8. I agree with you totally Aslan. If your wearing tight jeans, balance them with a looser top, i.e., cute babydoll or tunic. Great look.
  9. One thing that I like about this fit jean is that in the summer I can roll up the bottom one time to make a cuff and it's not wide or overcuffed like a bootleg would do. I have a couple of pairs of slim fitting 7 for all mankinds and I cuff them for summertime too.

    To actually answer the question....I also wear tunics and/or babydoll type tops.
  10. Hmm, I have a feeling that St3phen is a guy. I would say a simple T-shirt or even crisp white shirt would do well.