slim or original carly signature?

  1. I'm not digging my Hamptons Large CarryAll in black leather - it is too structured for my liking. So which one should I exchange for, slim or original in signature? I'll be getting black (I actually don't have a black bag LOL)

    I wanted to exchange it tonight but forgot the dust bag at home :sad:
  2. i am going for the slim.i know it is thinner but atleast it is bigger and the strap drop will hopefully will make it easier to carry over the shoulder.i tried the medium but it did not work for me and it seemed a small bag whereas the large is TOO LARGE.
  3. Regular.
  4. regular. I love the size how it is inbetween the medium and the large but I hate how the top part is patent because it slipped off my shoulders every two seconds. :tdown:
  5. great point!

    I'm pretty short so I think the regular size will be great :smile:
  6. Regular! Get a large!
  7. if u r shorter, regular medium. hae this bag in black sig and love it!!!
  8. Regular. From what I've heard, the slim has a hard time standing on its own. I'd rather have a larger bottom to put my stuff in a somehwat organized manner. Even though the blue leather slim Carly is TDF!
  9. I'm not crazy about the new slim carly. The patent part just looks wrong to me. I really prefer the original carly.
  10. Regular!!!!! Get a large, then we will match!!!! It's an amazing bag!!!!! Soooo pretty!!!!
  11. The Regular is the one to get...or the original as I'd call it...
  12. I saw the new slim Carly today and I really like them!! I have 2 med Carly's and the Slim Carlys are more comfortable to wear. I like the longer handle length better than my med Carly.
  13. AHHH!! I got the LARGE original in black tonight :wtf: it's so awesome. I tried slim carly, no good for me, I need a bag to stand up.

    My DF was like, wow, that's big. I :heart: the large!!! I looked at the regular, tried it on, put my things in it and well, my SA said I'd be back in before the end of the week.

    Thanks to everyone for suggesting the large!!!! :yahoo: Yes, I'll get pictures.
  14. Yay Pictures! :smile:
  15. Regular! Something about the slim was off for me when i tried it on in the store. Anyhow, the regular is a little bit less AND you can fit more stuff in it.