Slim Flap in Camel

  1. I just received my Legacy Slim Flap in Camel and I was so excited that it's the same camel as the current Legacy Fall 2007 line-I love it!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. OH! I would LOVE to see a picture!! Could you PLEASE post one!! Pretty please with sugar on top! :wtf::drool:
  3. I will try to tomorrow-I've been having problems getting pics to download from my cellphone
  4. I finally got pics to download-Sorry it took me soooo long
    09-27-07_2212.jpg 09-23-07_0009.jpg
  5. beautiful! I really am liking that slim flap!!! :yes:
  6. Gorgeous!!!! THanks for the pics!!!!!!!!!!
  7. love it ! pretty color ! congrats !
  8. Very pretty!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  9. I love the leather slim flap...congrats!
  10. :love:I looooooove it! Yes I do! :heart: