Slim Flap 10340...does anyone own this bag and what do you think of it?

  1. Hi, everyone! Does anyone own the Slim Flap Ali style 10340? I am looking into this handbag, but I am concerned it wont stand up on it's own and I will have to lean it against something when I place it down to prevent it from falling over. If anyone owns this and can let me know if they like it, if it stands on it's own when filled, etc...that would be a GREAT help! Thanks so much!!!!
  2. I have it in natural canvas with citron trim. It doesn't stand up on its own, but that's never really bothered me at all...I usually hang it from my chair if I'm in a restaurant, or it just sits on a corner of my desk at work (I have a section of my desk set aside just for whatever bag I'm carrying that babies do NOT go on the floor!). I've never really been in any situation where I wanted to stand it up and couldn't, so it's really a total non-issue for me. And it does hold quite a bit for its size.

    It feels heavy when you pick it up in your hands because of all the hardware, but it's EXTREMELY comfy to wear. I think a lot of that is because of the flat shape. And the legacy lining is so makes me smile every time I open mine!
  3. I have it in brown canvas with white trim, and it's also not an issue for me that it doesn't stand on its own. Its a gorgeous bag and sits well on my shoulder.
  4. I have it in chocolate cotton, but I haven't used it yet. I need to put my stuff in it and see how it fits, but I do know it won't stand up alone. It is soooooo comfortable, I keep putting it on and looking in the mirror! I'll include the pic (I've posted it in the outlet thread also). It's a really cute bag.
    me w slim flap.jpg
  5. kidlearner - I was trying to decide between the chocolate cotton and the brown canvas. It's such a striking bag, I really like the chocolate Cs but in the end I knew for me it would end up getting it dirty (I have 2 kids).

    You should go take her out and enjoy wearing her!
  6. I have this same style in the Rose leather, and it does not stand in it's own. That's not a problem for me, but it sounds like you need that option.

    I can pack everything I need, eventhough it's one of my smaller bags. Good Luck with your purchase!
  7. Cute bag kidlearner
  8. Thanks handbag helen and bearonica!! I know I should use her and be happy. I still feel just a teeny bit guilty for buying her - I went to the outlet for the ergo and I grabbed the slim flap too! Maybe I'll take her for a spin today and get bonded :p
  9. Thanks for showing the pic!!! the bag looks AWESOME on you!!!!!! Enjoy it and thanks so much for your help!!!
  10. I did not know that Coach made this bag in rose...I learn something new every day!:tup:

    I bet its pretty!:yes: