Slim Fast Drinks & bars

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  1. If done right, does this really help to lose weight?

    has anyone tried?

  2. I'm sure it works. I have had some of the bars and I don't like them very much (they taste like very artificial sugar). But, i know that if you combine them with a healthy diet and workouts, they will help!
  3. The only problem with Slim Fast is that the shakes and bars really aren't as nutritious as they sound. Most of them are somewhat low in calories and fat, but pack quite a bit of carbs and sugars. Honestly, I think one would be better off eating natural, whole foods, rather than substituting shakes and meal replacement bars for food.

    When I was in high school I tried Slim Fast. I drank a shake for lunch, and not a hour later, I was starving. The shake spiked my blood sugar and had me craving junk by 9 a.m. I used to eat the meal replacement bars in college and the same thing happened.

    Eating a sensible amount of calories from whole, natural foods will give you even better benefits!
  4. i've tried to drink those stupid shakes, i really have...but i have yet to get a whole one down. the bars and stuff are pretty decent tasting, but not filling at ALL. you are seriously better off just grabbing some fruit or something, instead of some of those snack bars.

    i have no doubt it works...but i have lots of friends who have tried and none of them could stick with it long enough to see results (and it's not to say they didn't try!).

    and i don't exactly see how healthy it could be to be downing chocolate shakes or something instead of fruits or veggies (depending on when you drink them). *shrugs*

    basically, i think they're expensive and lacking nutritional value and taste like crap. i think there are better options out there (and this is coming from someone who has failed every diet known to man...there IS one out there that works, but it isn't found on a diet aids aisle)
  5. I tried slim fast shakes, and they gave me the most awful gas! I didn't try using it long enough to see if I would lose weight, I was too petrified of letting one go in a crowded classroom..
  6. I agree with other posters, they are packed with sugar, it makes so much more sense to eat something else healthy like veggies or fruit. When I tried them I'm usually hungry 30 minutes later. The only thing i find that they work well for is breakfast because I normally don't eat anything at all, this way i at least get some vitamins and protein.
  7. They are not a very healthy way to lose weight, and surely not a healthy way to keep it off. I would recommend trying different angle.
  8. I'm sure everything will work it is all you have, but I've tried these as supplements and they don't do it for me! I don't mind the taste, but I just eat more..LOL, not how it's intended I'm sure.
  9. I tried them too. I didn't stick with it long, because I hated the taste of the shakes. I don't see how drinking a shake would fill you up until your next meal anyway. Liquid basically goes right through you.
  10. SlimFast will really mess up your metabolism, particularly if you use it a long time. Stick to nutritious real food of equivalent calories, add a daily vitamin supplement and be patient. That's the trick to losing weight. And don't forget to exercise! :yes:
  11. I used to drink chocolate Slim Fast shakes about every other day in 10th grade in high school... I liked the way it tasted, but a few hours later I would get a weird feeling in my stomach. :s

    People looked at me weird and asked me what I was doing drinking Slim Fast shakes if I was already skinny... :Push:
  12. slim fast really isn't good for you - for a lot of people, they actually make you eat MORE because they spike your blood sugar, and if you eat one to replace lunch, by 2:30 you're already looking for more food. on the other hand, a grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, a side salad, and an apple or banana probably has approximately the same number of calories, tons more protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and will keep you full until dinner.

    i really despise companies like slim fast, because they're taking advantage of people that are desperate to change their bodies and feel better about themselves but aren't educated on healthy eating. despicable, IMO.
  13. I am allergic to all sorts of nuts so I have never really tried them as the boxes have the "processed on equipment that processes nuts" warning. But I have a sister who drinks one for breakfast every morning. They smell just awful. Gag.
  14. I do it mainly because I don't like eating all that much. So in an effort to get all the vitimans and nutrients etc. I have a shake a day. Sometimes I even forget to do that.

    But for weight loss, I know my sister did it for a wedding and it worked quick, but I agree that it might not be the best way to loose the weight.
  15. I'm busy and on the go, so i do use Slimfast shakes (the Optima ones that are high in protein) as a meal replacement about once or twice a week. I figure it is better than nothing. I've learned that I can't skip a meal or I will be ravenously hungry when its time to eat again so i so I do use these in a pinch.

    I've never tried it as a diet plan though.