Slim duffle or Swing pack

  1. I have been thinking about getting a swing pack, especially for my trip to Vegas. Now i'm thinking that maybe I should get a large slim duffle instead. It's messenger style and shoulder bag style? I'm very
    coachslimduffle.jpg coach swing pack.jpg
  2. I loveeeeee the duffle! :love: I just can't get into the swing packs for some reason! they're cute, but...I don't know...I guess the strap is just too long for my liking, even if they do look better IRL than in the pics. I think it depends on how you carry your bag really. My, I normally always have a hand on my bag if it fits under my shoulder, so, if you want to be completely hands free and you do this too, go with the swing pack ;) Plus, the swing pack will proabbaly be easier getting in and out of, can leave it open for a min to take a camera out and put it back in, but, with the duffle, it's constantly on your arm...have fun in Vegas though, I've been twice and I love it!! :heart: :heart:
  3. Hmm.. I would say duffle for you, since the swing packs in vegas are everywhere. I still want one though! Just a patchwork one to be different =]
  4. I just got the small black signature soft duffle and really love it! I thought it might be too small but it holds everything I usually carry. Plus it looks better on me since I'm only 5'1".
  5. I would go with the looks like you would be able to carry more.
  6. basically you need to think about what you want to carry....

    the slim duffle is a great size and since you can shoulder it and messenger it, it functions well. you can fit way more in a slim duffle than in a swing pack. swing pack will hold maybe a mini skinny, keys, and a small camera...not too much, though. the slim duffle can hold your wallet, camera, and other necessities without being overstuffed, so really it's about what you need to carry with you daily.
  7. i like the duffle.
  8. I second blackbutterfly's sentiment -- the duffle holds more and is convertible, so it's much more versatile. It's a bit bigger and heavier, though, so if you're buying a bag that you plan on wearing cross-body all the time, and don't have a lot to carry, you might like the swing pack better.
  9. I would go with the duffle it will hold a lot more. Also it can be dressy or casual whereas the swing can only be casual
  10. I have the duffle in cardinal. I haven't used it yet but it can hold a lot.
  11. P.S. I meant I never used it aside from seeing what fits in there and such. Haven't taken it out of the house.
  12. I have the duffle & love it, I get so many compliments on it. It is a little more money but definetely has more lasting power & it is so durable that it will last for years.
  13. I dont think the duffle can be worn across body? The swingpacks are great! I would get one in the new patchwork design.
  14. Depends which duffle. I think only the large one (called the "soft duffle", rather than the "small soft duffle" on the website) has the convertible strap. This is it here:

  15. Yeah, you're right. My small soft duffle from about a year and a half ago (before they added the buckles) has a convertible strap, but I guess only the large ones have one anymore. Hrm.

    ETA: after a little research I realize that my duffle is the "soft slim duffle" as opposed to the ones they have now which are either regular or small. The current small ones aren't convertible, and are about an inch and a half smaller than mine in both directions. The regular soft duffles they sell now (for about $30 more than I paid) are a smidge bigger than mine and have the convertible straps. This may sound crazy, but I think some of the outlets (and definitely some reputable eBay sellers) have the Legacy Soft Slim Duffle like mine, which I think might serve your purposes better than the two duffles available now. Just an idea. :smile: