Slim Carly vs. Carly

  1. Hi everyone!

    I feel somewhat like an impostor since I don't actually own a Coach purse yet. I'm considering getting a Slim Carly or a Carly. Pros or cons for either one?? I am getting really impatient, but I want to make sure I get a good first purse! I am definitely feeling a little obsessed right now, but I figure you all understand! :smile:
  2. I personally didn't like the slim. Too big for me so I got the med. I think it depends on 1. what you carry in your bag and 2. Your size. I am not very big and I really don't carry a whole lot in my bag sooooooooo the medium works for me. :upsidedown:
  3. Right now, in my cheapie purse, I have my checkbook, wallet, lip gloss, cell phone, and a few other random things. I will use it as a bag to bring to work when I land my first "real job" after I graduate in May.

    I'm also about 5'1"...
  4. I don't like the slim versions of any purse. They just seem weird to me like "where is the rest of it" I would just buy the regular one.
  5. I like the slim Carly --its bigger than the medium and doesn't hang just under my armpit like my medium Carly. I have the blue leather slim Carly and love the size and it is very comfortable to wear!
  6. I have my eye on the slim Carly for when budget allows, I love it!

  7. Interesting responses. I tried on the Med. Carly last night and it was a little uncomfortable because it hung pretty close to my armpit.
  8. Maybe I would like it then because I don't like armpit bags. I just don't like bags that don't stand up so that is really my only issue. Plus I always have a ton of crap I have to carry but maybe I shouldn't have been too quick to judge the slim Carly although that was my reaction when I first saw her. now confused
  9. I tried the slim Carly last week, and it just felt odd to me. I'm 5'3", and even with all my normal stuff in it, it made me feel wide. Also the strap was patent and wouldn't stay on my shoudler. HTH.
  10. I have the med and I don't think it's close to my armpit, when you try it on in store it has the stuffing so the top is still straight. Once you put stuff in it the weight will weigh it down and the top part will slouch a little allowing for more room under your arms. There are some pics of ladies trying on their Carly's under the shopping section.
    ETA: Sorry, I thought there were pics in the Coach shopping section but I can't seem to find that thread now...I'm new here so I'm still figuring out where everything is.
  11. I own and love both! I just think its what you are used to. I had trouble with both straps slipping off of my shoulder but that stopped in a few days of use.
  12. Can anyone tell me if the slim carly stands up by itself?? TIA I love the blue one..
  13. I have the large Chocolate Brown Carly and I love her. I love all the room I have inside
    this bag and the slouch of the bag. I can fit all my stuff inside. The slim one is just too small for me, but if it works for you, you should get it.
  14. I was wondering the same thing as I was reading. Thinking that once you have stuff in it, it would widen out and not be so narrow.
  15. The medium Carly was too short of a drop for me & also a little too small.

    The large was too big and way too heavy for my bad shoulder.

    I personally love the slim. My only issue is the patent leather strap did keep falling off my arm. If/when they make this with regular leather trim, she is mine!

    I'm 5'3" btw :smile: