Slim Carly or regular Carly? PLEASE HELP!!

  1. As some of you know, I live in India and Coach STILL hasn't opened a boutique in the country. I've been dying for a Carly since November and now that my SO is heading to the US for a week I'm giving him a whole list of goodies that I need. My only problem so far is whether I want the slim carly or the regular one. I know for sure that I want signature fabric and not leather. If you ladies can tell me which one is better as a day bag I would appreciate it. Also, could you please post measurements cause I know that sometimes posts incorrect measurements. Thanks and I'll post pics
  2. i would go for a regular carly rather than a slim carly. the bottom part of the slim carly is really skinny so i dont think it would be able to stand up on its own if you were to set it down.
  3. I agree with missaudrie, I LOVE the regular carly, it can stand up on its own, and I love the look of it a bit more.:yes:
  4. I think you would like the regular Carly most. I don't like how skinny the slim ones look for some!
  5. Regular Carly all the way :tup: Not only does it look better to me, it will stand up better, hold more, and the strap doesn't slip off like the slim one does. :okay:
  6. I personally liked the slim Carly better sizewise but did not like the color combos so I went with the khaki/ bronze med Carly. But, now I really want to order the new slim Carly in metallic in the new catalog. It is a bit pricey but really lovely... The width of the slim does not sit but I always either hang my bags on a chair or against back of couch so that does not bother me.
  7. I agree, go with the regular Carly. The bottom of the slim carly is very narrow.
  8. I agree, I like the regular Carly better. I think it looks better and I like that it can stand up on its own. I like that the strap is wider and stays on the shoulder better.