Slim Carly - New Color?

  1. When I was at Nordstrom yesterday I SWEAR I saw a Slim Carly that was Black/White... I can't find it on their website though... Has anyone else seen this?! :shrugs:
  2. saw it at holt renfrew here in canada
  3. Yes, I saw one at Macy's today
  4. It's probably a special edition for department stores.

    They did that with the large ergo totes in signature.

    Hate it when they do that
  5. WOw, it must be an exclusive. They aren't scheduled to release any new colors as far as I know :shrugs:
  6. yeah, i bought one friday but returned it for a large khaki/black (what i should've got in the first place). once i brought it home i didn't like the color and i really didn't like the slimness of the slim.
  7. there's some on eBay if anyone wants to see it
  8. I'm not feeling the black/silver slim carly combo.. it looks so washed out! :s

    really i just want them to bring back cotton carly ... :hysteric: