Slim Carly...In between the Large and Medium???

  1. Ok, those of you who have seen it and tried it on...If Medium is too small and Large is TOO large...what are your thoughts? I heard from the store the drop is better on the Slim as lots complain the medium isn't comfy enough. Any ideas out there????
  2. its the perfect size, but the patent on the strap makes it slip off of my shoulder. The Carly and I just weren't meant to be.........

  3. Height, width, and drop are great on this bag. Depth is too thin and I really dislike the patent leather accents and the thinness of the width of the leather accents. I don't plan on buying this one at this if someone gave me one, I wouldn't turn them down :roflmfao:
  4. Exactly... ITA it is the perfect size, although I probably don't like the shape as well, but the patent makes it INSTANTLY slip right off my shoulder, time after time. :tdown:
  5. :goodpost::goodpost:both tanukiki and fieldsinspring are right...perfectly worded.

    I do not think that you would be able to keep much in there. I don't think that it shape will hold right if you overload it.
  6. It doesn't slouch right either. It just doesn't have the "look".
  7. i tried the leather one at the boutique and i must say it is a perfect size and the leather carly does not have the patent thingy on the has a very nice strap drop,i tried it with my coat on and felt very comfortable.also i put all my stuff before i tried and it had a nice slouch.
  8. Thanks's the leather[​IMG] I'm going to get. I'm a little nervous about some of the other comments though. Didn't know about the patent thingy on the signatures...:push:ugh...that would kill it for sure. I hate a bag I can't keep on my shoulder.
    It's hard living so far from civilization where there are stores everywhere. The closest Coach is over two hours away from from me and as a working mom that is a day trip that I can't ever seem to squeeze in.....

    Anybody know how it stacks up carry wise to the LV Speedy 30???? The Slim that is??? Thanks:smile:
  9. I REALLY loved the size & drop on the slim, but same thing - the patent made it keep slipping off my shoulder. When I mentioned that to one of the SA's she said alot of people were saying that and hopefully they'd change it in the future. If they do, I'm sold!
  10. I had the Slim in Signature but returned it for the Slim Carly in Blue Leather and I LOVE IT!!! It is very comfortable- holds more than my med Carly and I love the longer drop. I like the slimer width too!! Feels better under my arm. There is no patent leather on my either.

    I haven't taken it out yet- waiting for warmer weather. Besides I just bought a Ali Slim Flap in Whiskey and I'm breaking that one in for now.