Slim bag in Theresa Munich!

  1. Since i haven't seen any of this style around the forum i thought you guys might like to know that they are available there!

    I can't believe it .. my husband is in Munich and just sent me a phone pic of bubblegum slim with GGH he just bought me!

    YAY!! :yahoo:
  2. congrats!! it sounds gorgeous.. cant wait for pictures!
  3. I'm so excited - I can't wait to see this bag and to see it modeled!
  4. CONGRATS!!! Been wanting to see someone model the Slim & more pictures of the bag! Cannot wait for you to post picture!
  5. Is there any way you could ask him if it closes and if so, how. I am wondering if it zips. You are one lucky lady!!!!! I love the BG with GGH!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!!!
  6. What a sweet husband!! I'd love to see your pic if you can updload it!:heart:
  7. Wow is this the first sighting of the slim??? Can't wait to see pictures!
  8. Do you think you could talk him into doing modeling photos, and sending them to you? ...... just kidding, kind of....
  9. thanks everyone! i really can't wait to see the bag myself

    i asked him if it closes and he said that there's no zipper or a magnet but it's made in a way the 2 sides of the bag closes when carried .. dunno how to explain it :p

    i'll post the pic he sent in a while and more pics when i get the bag on Sunday .. hopefully someone else would post more pics by then

    lol @ lovelygarments i tried but no luck
  10. Thanks PK!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures on Sunday!!!!!
  11. Thanks. can't wait to see apic. i like this style.
  12. thanks for the info. Looking forward to pictures!
  13. No pictures yet?:sweatdrop: BNY has them in now. Anyone gotten one or seen them?