Slim Ali - 10327 Help - which color???

  1. I posted the other day that I have decided to get the Slim Ali - 10327 because I think it would be the best size for me.

    I just called JAX and I was leaning towards the Whiskey - but they are all gone. They do have Camel and Black left.

    I really would love a Camel colored bag - but do any of you have the Camel color and how does it wear? Does it get ugly with time and all worn looking and is black much more practical?

    Which one should I get? They have 500 in black and only 41 in camel.

    Any of you....your thoughts? :confused1:

    Please help me make a decision.......!!! What to do, what to do!
  2. Honestly, the camel ones are going for less than $250 on eBay. I got mine at the outlet for $169. If you go through eBay for purses, I would get it there. I'm not sure what the black ones have been going for, but I sold my camel for $201 (I purchased too many too quickly... selling had nothing to do with the bag itself). Hope this helps.
  3. I love the camel one... the color is very vintage!! let us know what you decide :p
  4. Camel is showing up quite a bit on Ebay. Black ones (and believe me I've been keeping an eye for these) in the slim flap are pretty sparse- not a whole lot of them...
  5. I can get a great deal on it - it doesn't matter which color. I don't think I have the option to PM you know when I'll have this option?
  6. Danielle - do you have any Legacy Leather bags of the camel color? I am just so darned indecisive! I drive my DH nuts! I really was leaning towards the whiskey and then - no more! boo hoo! I do LOVE the camel color, though.....but it may not get as pretty with age as the whiskey and the way that my raisin leigh is starting to get.
  7. I bought a whiskey slim flap at the outlets a month or two ago, so I know you should be able to get the color you want and save a bundle if you go through ebay. :tup:
  8. Thanks Tanuki! I will have to look at this screen again and see if I am just staring the option to PM in the face. LOL! I see you are in the Metroplex - where abouts are you? I live in Frisco and work in N. Dallas....
  9. Click on the person's username and it should bring up a menu including the sending a private message. I live near DFW and work in Arlington. Do you read friscoonline ? I love reading it even though I don't live there. :lol:
  10. Thanks Tanuki for teaching me how to PM! Thanks for all of your replies - I just have to decide which color now - if anyone has anything to add - just let me know!
  11. Just my opinion, but I would pick black. I dont think the Ali is a spring/summer bag anyway because it is that thick, heavy leather, so I would choose black and use it for a bit now, then put it away until the fall again. Thats what I plan to do with my new black Ali.
  12. Thanks, Donnalynn. That is sort of what I was leaning towards because a basic black, classic style bag is always good. I do like the white carly with the brown strap, though - if I were to get a Carly - that is the one I like for the summer.