Slightly turned off by Burberry!

  1. I got the Large Nova Check Bag and the Small Nova Tote, both in the pewter color, back in November 2007. It has not even been 3 months yet, and look at what happened to my large nova!:crybaby: It hasn't happened to my small nova yet, but I was so shocked to see the handles looking like that! So yesterday, DH and I went to Burberry to see if there was anything they could do. But the SA said to get the pewter color, they spray a film of color on the bags. But those with the black handles, don't worry, he said those are dyed and the color won't come off. I guess it would have been nice if I was told about it BEFORE buying the bag. So normal wear and tear causes the handles to look like that. He also showed us the pewter-colored manor and he said that would eventually look like my bag! And there was nothing he could do because that is from normal wear and tear. I was very disappointed and turned off when we left. If that was the case, I would have bought the black handle bags!:cursing: Just wanted to make warn everyone with the pewter-colored bags! :sad:
    burberry handle 1.JPG burberry handle 2.JPG burberry handle 3.JPG
  2. I heard about it on the manor. the soft leather part just cracks and peels.. I have a nova tote with no problems. even spilled a hot cup of coffee on it. Oh and my keys scratched the handles and no pealing sounds like a defective bag to me.:O( sorry this happened to you I can't believe they didn't offer a replacement..
  3. here is what happens to the pewter makeup bag.. maybe the nickel is something different.. grabbed this shot from eBay
  4. Unfortunately ANY metallic leather will eventually chip or rub off because the metallic finish is merely a spray finish. I don't think most stores "warn" customers though since it's a "normal" result...
  5. this is the finish on my bag maybe its a different thing
    and this poor bag has taken alot.. even a good scrubbing from the coffee.
  6. yup its different here is another shot of the bottom of the manor maybe the handles of your tote are made of the same thing its softer. the handles and bottom of my bag are really hard
    pic of soft mannor bag
  7. Oh my gosh.. well, that's really crappy ! Especially since it hasn't been that long either. Ugh, what a hard lesson to learn about this colour.
  8. That's indeed terrible! And so soon! I think they should have told this when selling the bag. That's just not right :sad:
  9. I have had some less-than-positive experiences with Burberry in the past.
    Especially with their online ordering and customer service.
    It's been horrific.
    I swore off Burberry forever after the debacle with the red leather Manor last year. But my husband knew I'd been wanting the Nova Check zipped bag forever, and got it for me for Christmas.
    The shoulder straps are black patent leather.
    One of them must have rubbed against something and is now completely white.
    I will be at the Burberry store in Atlantic City later this month and plan on bringing the bag in.

    It will be interesting to see how they handle it.

    I hope everything works out for you, too.
  10. I think for such outrageously expensive bags (one should keep in mind that some people earn less money in a month than what we pay for a single bag),the quality really has to be outstanding. It's unbelievable that Burberry doesn't know about that problem or didn't do any tests; I mean, they must have noticed the "pewter problem" during the production...
    And if they did they shouldn't have sold the bags in the first place...
    at least they should offer to take the bag back when it's ruined and refund the money or at least offer a voucher or some kind of compensation.

    I had thought of bidding on one of the pewter bags that are on offer at eBay; I think I changed my mind...

  11. Hi Donna,
    that's good news - my nova tote is in German customs now - I hope I'll get it next week...although I'll try not to spill anything on it... ;)
    I haven't used my Manor yet - I hope the patent is more durable than the soft leather.
  12. Haven't used your maner yet :O( thud I'd kill for that bag lol
    well I didn't mean to spill on it i was trying to get to my key to open the front door I tiped my hand and woosh the coffee just poured over the bag. but it cleaned as good as new. I think that bag above is a factory defective bag I would have insisted on a return credit.
  13. Am I the only one thinking that this is a very stupid reply to a problem like that?
  14. Peevenjo, is this bag one of the newer burberry bags? I'm beginning to think that the craftsmanship in China may not be as good if so. Where is your bag made in? And I agree with Regina. For such an expensive bag, they should really give back good quality. Whatever happened to "you get what you pay for" lol?
  15. Looking at the pictures posted up I dont think anything looks really bad except for the make up bag because that is just too much peeling. However knowing the price rage for Burberry bags then none of these scratches are acceptable. After 3 months it is also way too soon for anything to happen to the bag.