Slightly Suspicious Prada "Bellman"

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  1. gbhfjj.jpg hfcjfjfdh.jpg
  2. Groom collection? Copycats!
  3. WOW..could they try and not make it quite so obvious lol :roflmfao:
  4. Who wants to start a pool on when the lawsuit will be filed?
  5. No kidding! LVMH should sue Prada bankrupt!
  6. They just all copy each other anyway. Look at how many designers are coming out with bright neon colors for spring!
  7. ^^ I totally agree they do the same thing sometimes..but that bellman..that is just not right.
  8. Boo! How unoriginal!
  9. Coach copies too. They all copy each other. That a little obvious though.
  10. lawsuits? are ya'll going bananas? Vuitton doesn't have exclusive rights for printing a bellman on their stuff. the bellman is an international sign of good service at high class hotels. (ironic enough, as good service is what either brand is missing)
  11. If LVMH goes after Dooney & Bourke just for printing colored logos on their bags, they certainly HAVE to go after Prada for this.
  12. Their new hobos look exactly like last seasons Marc Jacobs ones. :tdown:
  13. ha ha...
    not a new idea for sure but cute.
  14. would you happen to know who the original artist of the bellboy LV used is?
  15. oy, that is too close to LV's groom :huh: