Slightly off subject, but need help & opinions, ASAP!

  1. Thanks in advance guys! This definitely isnot a purse, but its definitely e-commerce related:

    My husband is wanting to buy a car he found online. We're in NC & the car is in CA. I told him under NO circumstances should he send a check; that he needed to pay electronically. Paypal will charge fees (a decent amt b/c the car is $6K); can anyone who is a suavvy online shopper recommend a good way to go about this so that he is protected?

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Other than PayPal, I don't know where to turn & we need to do this in the next day or so.
  2. What about COD?
  3. I agree with COD. You and/or your husband have to go out to CA to get the car, or the seller has to drive it out to you. I would say either COD or a bank check. Or you can write a personal check and go to the bank with the seller and have it converted to a bank check(certified funds). For a vehicle, I would definitely not pay prior to getting it.
  4. What about paying one of those escrow services? They don't release the funds to seller until buyer OK's.
  5. I bought my VOLVO on eBay a few years ago. I carried a Cashiers check with me out to pick my car up. It was a very satisfactory experience!
  6. Thanks for the ideas. I had suggested COD but he'd be hiring a shipping co, so he said that wouldn't work. An escrow service is a good idea; we're going to look into it. I keep suggesting that he fly out; I just feel more comfortable with that. Thanks SO MUCH for everyone's ideas; I just wasnt' sure where to turn.
  7. My sister/brother-in-law and cousin (bought 2) each bought cars on eBay. In both cases they paid with money orders when they picked up the cars. All three cars were fairly new and bought from dealers advertising on eBay so they were picked up at the airport by the dealer and taken to the lot to sign all the papers.
  8. My fiancee has sold cars on Ebay and the buyer always comes to pick it up w/ a Cashiers Check in hand. he picked them up at the airport, just like everybody else that posted about it.