Slightly obsessed......

  1. Now, I've been a loyal and devoted DW........16 years and going strong. This will not change. But I have to admit to a slight obsession with my FedEx man and my Postman (and he's a woman! :s )

    Why you ask?

    Because they are always on time and always bring me stuff in orange boxes!!!!!!

    Yesterday was no exception unless you take into consideration that it was Saturday and my regular Fedex man was off. This meant that the new guy had no idea what to do with an aging woman jumping up and down on the sidewalk whooping it up at the sight of him!!!! It also meant I had a little behavioral explaining to do before I could get rid of him and rip into this little beauty...................

    I am in love.......again........:heart:
  2. Well, who can blame you for THAT!!^^^?
  3. And boy, it sounds like it must be hard on your postman, being a woman.

    So, tell, where, who what? did this bag come from!:nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:
  4. OH MY GOSH! ShopMom....totally gorgeous! Congratulations! :nuts:
  5. :heart:
  6. you made me go, and stroke my rouge h plume!
  7. Shopmom!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: Help this newbie out please---color?leather? I can't get over how stunning it is!!!!
  8. OMG Shopmom, that is seriously GORGEOUS!!!:drool: What the H??? When did this all happen??? What color is this, cognac??? It is so rich in hue, so very beautiful. :wtf: :drool:
  9. And you said you would never do shopmom!!!
  10. OH MAN! Just got home in time to see the grand unveiling. CONGRATS!!!! She's stunning and absolutely perfect for you. Can't wait to see pix of you in action with this baby. Rouge H, Box, Gold Hardware=perfect for shopmom!
  11. Shopmom, WHAT COLOR????? :wtf:
  13. I believe it to be Rouge H boxcalf, with gold hardware, 30 cm, and perfect!:love:
  14. D..................................ooooh my!!!!!!! Its stunning!! details please!!!!!!!
    Its sooooo beautiful!!! You lucky gal!
  15. o.k.....THUNDERING JESUS, WHAT COLOR?????:wtf: