Slightly Late Reveal

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  1. Anyone here? :smile:

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  2. I guess no one yet :P

    Anyway, I don't necessarily stick to one designer/brand, though my favorite has been Bal lately. I've been debating with myself on getting this particular type of Prada bag for around a year, and finally decided to pull the trigger and got this bag as one of my birthday gifts. I was supposed to get it last time I made a handbag purchase some months back, but ended up getting another Bal then given my apprehensions.

    Well, I finally got it, and I have no regrets (so far)!

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  3. Here she is, my saffiano in Ottanio! I read here that the color was just available again very recently after being released some years back. I had my heart set on a neutral initially, but when I went to see the bags in the Prada store, I did not fall in love with a neutral. I almost did not buy a bag but my SA brought out this beautiful Ottanio, and I was hooked!

    I've been reading on saffiano bag issues for months and months, which is what caused my apprehension/hesitation in ever getting one. I've been wanting one for some time and finally thought, what the heck! And here she is. :smile:

    This is my first Prada saffiano bag - my Pradas of past have been nylon (and I love them). One pic is without flash, the other with.

    I hope she holds up well! I inspected it before I bought it, but I have untrained eyes, so let me know if you see anything glaring in the pics that would have me need to return it! TIA!

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  4. Congrats! The color is beautiful :smile:
  5. Thank you, chancy! :smile:
  6. Félicitations! Great choice and a really elegant color. Hope you can post some modelling pics too :smile:
  7. Thank you, tryme_clement! :smile:

    Here's a pic of me with my bag taken by my SA, right before she wrapped it up in the Prada store (face blurred on purpose :smile: ).

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  8. Congrats!!
  9. Thank you, DRJones616! :smile:
  10. How cute! I love the color. (I also love the bag in your profile pic).
  11. Thank you, cowbear! :smile: The one in my profile is also peeping in my modeling pic (lower right)... It's my favorite Balenciaga City :biggrin:
  12. Love the color of your new Prada. I'm a Bal gal as well and am thinking of trying out the Prada Tote soon. How tall are you? The 2316 seems to be a great size for your height.
  13. Thank you, MAGJES! :smile: I'm really petite at 4'11 (sometimes 5'0, depending on who does the measurement, haha! But I tend to believe I am 4'11). :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful bag 😍
  15. Ooooh. I love the colour. Very pretty and you wear it so well!!!