Slightly disappointed in York tote

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  1. I was thinking of buying a York tote for carrying laptop to work. The pictures online looks very nice. Until I saw a colleague wearing one today...
    She let me examine the bag. The bag is very light and the leather does not have much leather texture. I am not sure if all saffiano leather are like this.
    The handles also made me worry because they do not have metal parts and are stabled only by stitches.
    Another point is about the middle pocket. It is not attached to the bottom. Not the style I like..
    But my colleague apparently like it. She said when she used it for laptop she holds the bottom of the bag. For the price it is worth it.
    I think I am giving up on this tote for a bag of different texture...
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  2. I'm not a big fan of saffiano leather either, in fact the York tote is the only saffiano piece I have. You have to consider the fact that the York straps were redesigned after there were problems with the earlier straps, also the function of Saffiano (stamped leather) is made for durability and not necessarily looks. It is really a matter of taste and style, the loose center compartment hasn't been an issue for me.
  3. My kids surprised me with the small York Tote for Mother's Day!! They chose navy because I stress too much with bags that can show color transfer! This is going to be my main go to bag this summer and I can't wait to wear it! Does anyone know me have modeling pics??? I do like saffiano leather as you can wipe it clean and it won't show scratches! I hope you bought it!
  4. I was also thinking of the York tote mainly for laptop but don't like the open top type of concept
    I love Tory burch stuff cos my first tote.. Double zip Robinson bag lasted me good 2 years and still going strong with no scratch or stain
    But thinking of getting a new tote from Tory burch in a diff colour
    Something lighter with zip closure and same time can fit laptop if possible
    Any models to recommend ? Thanks people

  5. I ordered self t satchel. Will let you know if it is good. Fingers crossed.
  6. The self t satchel I ordered has arrived. Like it!
  7. Finally find the suitable bag for laptop :smile:
  8. Very nice, enjoy!!
  9. I know you're looking at Tory Burch but if you wanna stick around that price point and get something that in my opinion is slightly better quality, I'd look at the Kate Spade Cedar Street Harmony tote. It can fit a laptop, has comfortable straps, and has held up MUCH better than my York tote. It's got a top-zip and is made of saffiano leather, but I find it's much more structured than my York tote. That being said I still love my York but it serves a different purpose. Kate Spade has sales quite often so you could get one for under $200. Another alternative is the MK Jet Set Tote, it's held up well and has all the interior compartments like the York tote but the quality is on par with the Harmony tote by Kate Spade. I have the old model from 4-5 years ago that doesn't have the top-zip but I know that the new model does (I bought one as a gift for someone).
  10. My new york is in the house ☺
    I bought two, red large and navy small. Love them.
    But I have question in my mind, there is no engraving on zipper and buckle. Is it true new production of york come with no engraving like mine?
  11. I actually haven't looked at the updated York totes, mine is an older one so it has the engraving. Did you buy it from the boutique?
  12. Its true most of the new bags coming out have no engraving on them. I bought one of the new Bombe line bags and there is no engraving anywhere on the bag!
    harlem_cutie who does most if not all of the authenticating on this site had a discussion regarding this on the chat thread a few pages back, here is a quote regarding this matter. "From an authentication standpoint, I have no idea how newer bags can be properly authenticated from pics if they lack detailed tags, engraved hardware and any other crucial detail. York totes and wallets will be especially affected by this. The fakes are already really good. I've spent hours looking at Theas and unless I'm actually holding the bag I really can't tell the diff btw fake and real. This was just a terrible move by TB."
  13. I think the lack of engraving not only makes it more difficult to determine authenticity but takes away from the quality in the little details of the bags. A friend recently bought a bag and two wristlets at the outlet, all of which had YKK zippers instead of Tory Burch engraved on them.
  14. Thanks for all for your answers and comments about my york. The absence of engraving make me feel confused. I will be really dissapointed if my new yorks are fake. One thing that make me believe that my york is not fake because I buy that from big online store. (R**b**z)
  15. Thanks for your comment reginaPhalange, I bought it from Re*b**z. Is that any chance that my yorks are fake?
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