slight rant with my Tokidoki =(

  1. First off, hi all! :smile: a bit new here to the forums.. Anyway, I just need to vent...

    So this morning while getting situated in class, I put my tokidoki buon viaggio down on my lap (i never put my bags on dirty floor :supacool:) and as I am about to zip it closed, I notice that the zipper pull is off the track! :cursing: I mean like only on one side of the zipper!!:wtf: As I look closer I find that the end of the zipper is now missing a couple "teeth", which is how the pull came off the other side of the track.. I was able to get it back on track but there's still those missing teeth and if I open the zipper all the way to the end it can still come off that track... I'm soo mad right now because I can't return it (already took the tags off:rolleyes:) and i can't believe i paid over 100 bucks for something that would break after only 4 days of use..

    Lesportsac.. u broke my heart :sad:

    Is there anything i can do to prevent the pull from getting off track?

    Here's a pic of it:


    Thanks in advance!
  2. omg that sucks!! if you still have your receipt maybe you can complain?? i have a citta buon viaggio that i use for school too =/ good luck!!
  3. bring it back~!
  4. honestly i would bring your receipt (hope you haven't tossed it) and return the sucker. my 14 year old cousin has one and the zipper broke too. im surprised at the low quality. =(
  5. I would bring it back and return it, I had problems with mine too, but not with any other tokidoki bag, so maybe it's just this one?
  6. omg i didn't think that would happen :cursing: i would also bring it back!
    i'm getting cautious now..
    i don't know why but i suspect that the regular lesportsac bags are more durable.. maybe because i feel the leather and other toys and embellishments on the tokidoki series..and the regular ones don't have those.
  7. I hope u didnt get it from eBay where 'all sales are final' :yucky: Otherwise u can complain with the receipt.

    I have to take better care of my tokidoki now :s
  8. well what makes it even harder is that I bought the bag from a reputable eBay seller :s I've contacted her about it and asked her for the sales receipt so that I can bring it to the department store to deal with. OMG I hope I can work things out, if not with the department store, than with the seller, or else i'm gonna go :nuts:!! LOL but seriously, i wanna cry right now...
  9. That's terrible! I wonder if you could contact lesportsac directly and ask if it can be replaced. Hopefully they'll stand by their product. I have a Buon Viaggio which I've been using as a diaper bag for months and it's had no problems. Now I'm thinking I should be more careful with it.
  10. That sucks! I've never had anything like that happent to any of my bags. I know that someone sent their bag to Lesportsac when something broke on it but I'm not sure if they bought it from Lesportsac or not. Sorry!!!
  11. i hope you're able to return/exchange it at the store! i havent had any probs like this with any of my tokidoki bags yet.
  12. sorry to hear never really paid attention to the bags i you got me wanting to take a look ...

    well on side note i did trust the fact the lesportsac brand has been very durable, but i came to find out that the years of not using my regular lesportsac bag the insides (the white coating for it to be waterproof) of the bag were falling apart/coming off after i cleaned it, which was a total bummer for me...
  13. Well if you bought it on eBay then yeah, you're going to need to get the receipt from the seller before you could return it... I'm sorry that happened to you, how sad!

    I think it's a good idea, the suggestion to contact lesportsac. See if there's anything they're willing to do for you about it.
  14. My tokidoki bag has stiching coming loose. But I know it's from wearing it everyday and shoving it into desk cabinets. But I hope this problem gets fixed for you.
  15. aww. so very sorry... i hope u can fix the problem :crybaby: