Slight patina on newly purchased MC black pochette

  1. I just purchased an mc black pochette at the LV store last week. I noticed a very slight patina but got it anyway since the other 2 that they had left had even darker patina on them . Should I return it and order a new one? I guess those that they had were old stock. Silly me. Been wanting to get this bag for so long and didnt really mind it then. Talk about impulsive! :push:
  2. If you're not happy, return I would return it.
  3. I think u should keep it. Since its gonna have a patina sooner or later. Since the patina should be a good one since no one used, like no spots and stufff.
    Keep it...In fact u should have chosen the darker patina one.
    I think tey left it out..
  4. I would exchange it as well. I'm a stickler for wanting the palest of color on a new LV's vachetta handles and trim.
  5. Thanks for your posts. Honestly Im not very happy about it. Ive had my mono pochette for 3 years and the patina on it is the same as the new mc pochette i got last week! :confused1:
  6. Will order a new one! Want the palest vachetta on my new lvs as well! Thanks!
  7. Good luck, hope you get a real pale one.
  8. Take it back, you need to be happy with your purchase!