Slight damage to brand new College bag

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  1. Hi everyone, I’m wondering if I can get some advice. Long story short, I was considering purchasing the medium College in asphalt Grey from the YSL website, but I held off because of their warehouse closure. When I was browsing websites last week, I came across a medium College in dark smog from It must have been a return, because it was on the website over a month ago, then gone, then came back on the website and it was marked down significantly. I snatched it up and ended up saving nearly $1000 CAD from what I would have paid on the YSL website so I was understandably over the moon. I worries that I wouldn’t like the dark smog colour, but it showed up and I LOVE it!

    BUT. After a couple days of rain, the sun finally came out today and I noticed a couple of small defects on the bag (attaching pictures). I’m tempted to return the bag, but I will probably never get another smokin’ deal like this one again. What do you all think - would you return it, or are these small defects worth the $1000 that I saved?

    On one side there appears to be a small hole in the leather (circled in red). On the other side there appears to be a tear and/or stitching issue right where the flap begins. Both are very small. AA0FBFF6-3B88-4A9D-8126-F3E87524FAC3.jpeg 71517B79-9B59-4C9F-941D-C55CEA637553.jpeg 0820162F-2360-4970-B7DD-E6ECC0F0C6C2.jpeg
  2. None of that would've bothered me, personally. The bag will undoubtedly get more noticeable normal wear and tear as you use it. Those dents/scuffs are really tiny.

    I think you got a great deal on your College and even if you hadn't, I'd still consider this a good purchase. Dark Smog is a gorgeous color, by the way. Congrats on your new YSL, if you decide to keep it, of course :tup:
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  3. Thank you! I was nervous about the colour but pictures truly don’t do it justice. I’ve never seen a colour that changes so beautifully depending on the light!

    I’m leaning towards keeping it because it’s just SO beautiful, and you’re right, they are very tiny damages.
  4. Curious, was it listed as gently used, or returned...or was it listed as New?

    It wouldn't bother me too much at $1000...and TBH what I hear about YSL bag quality is that durability is only so-so, therefore I would have expected wear-and-tear eventually.
  5. As far as I know, Ssense sells only new merchandise; it's not a preloved site. It didn't cost $1000, I saved almost $1000. I spent $2700.
  6. I see. I understood the $1000 off...but I thought it was only a hole/stitch issue. The flap tear bothers me more because I'd be worried that it would get quite bad over time. What you paid, despite the deal, is still a lot of money for what looks to be have been a defective or used bag. And based on reviewers, the YSL bags seem to have so-so quality/durability even if the designs are beautiful.
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  7. It's a beautiful bag. Some stores will offer a discount if the item is defective. Perhaps reach out and send some photos? Good luck!
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  8. Great idea, I'll do that. And thanks! I'm pretty excited, it's my first YSL bag.
  9. I concur with @Alebeth suggestion. I was looking at this exact bag on the Ssense sale, and it did pop up randomly one day on their sale page well after the sale had started. Which leads me to believe it was a return. Insist that you’d like a further discount given the damage or otherwise you’ll send it back...I’m sure they don’t want to resell it again!

    It is a gorgeous bag in what I think is one of YSL’s best colors ever! A good cobbler could easily fix or add an unobtrusive reinforcing stitch to the tiny tear. So with a good discount, enjoy your bag!
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  10. Thank you for the suggestions! I've sent an email to their Customer Care department, so fingers crossed.
  11. They usually answer pretty promptly! Good luck!

    PS: I’ve had faster response times by calling them
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  12. Update: they got back to me and said I could either return it, or they’ll issue a partial refund for the cost of repairing the bag. They didn’t specify how much that would be. I’m leaning towards taking the partial refund, because I love the colour of this bag SO much, and I can’t find it anywhere else online. I’m going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow.
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  13. is ysl so much more expensive in the us and canada? 2700 cad still is a lot if it’s not brand new hmmm
    but dark smog really is awesome, I love mine!