slight crisis today!!

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  1. Ok, so my car is my office...

    I keep everything in a pile on the passengers seat and just dig through things as I'm driving, or when I'm stopped...

    Well today I ran through Starbucks and got a coffee before I began my day. So after I reached into the other seat to grab my computer, I hear this "drip...drip...drip" and I think to myself "wonder what that is..." and then I say "NOOO!!!" My starbucks had spilled ALL OVER MY NEW LV MONTORGUEIL!!!!!! :hysteric: I start FREAKING out, and luckily no coffee got into the purse, it just soaked a little of the vachetta and was running down the side.....

    oh it was awful. It could have been a. lot. worse. :sweatdrop:

    Just thought I'd share!
  2. omg, that would just ruin my day, but thank goodness your bag didn't get ruined.
  3. As soon as I read "Starbucks" I knew it was gonna be bad! But, so glad it wasn't a disaster that I expected-*whew*! Gotta love that waterproof coated canvas!
  4. Will this inspire you to clean up a bit?! or perhaps put your LV in the back seat? Glad things worked out.
  5. i woudl just scream;) glad its wokr out for ya
  6. When something minor (but shocking!) happens to me, I just think, well now it's all mine! LVs are supposed to take a beating IMO, and look even better when "worn in" ...fakes, no matter how "well made," can NEVER look so good when an accident like that happens!
  7. So glad to hear that it was not totally ruined! I'm sure it bothered you all day though.
  8. Omg i'd go ballistic lol
  9. It's good that the Monty is still looking good and havent been affected by the Starbucks coffee or would have screamed at the top of your lungs.
  10. Yea, know exactly how you feel. My little boy spilled some sprite inside my neverfull and I was :sick:. But, when I went to clean it up, I couldn't tell where it had stained. YeaH LV!
  11. I'm glad to hear you Monty wasn't affected too badly! I'm appreciate everyone sharing their horror stories, because it has made me more aware of where to put my bag!
  12. at least it wasnt acid rain!!
  13. Whew, glad it was nothing horrible.
  14. well now u get a good whiff of coffee everyday. hahahah... sorry i was just joking. i'm sure there's no smell.
  15. omg im so sorry