Slight case of diamond envy...

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  1. DH's big boss is a fantastic lady. Her career has been inspirational and she is just really nice. Yesterday though, a teeny tiny part of me wanted to lock her in the cupboard and make a run for it :yes: She's been away on business relatively much these last months and to show how much she was missed, under the tree hubby had:

    It took my breath away a little, honestly if I could run faster.... :P J/K! It is a beautiful piece though, must have a quiet word with DH...
  2. LOL!
    Wow, nice hubby she has! Personally it's a bit too busy for me.
  3. It works on her, she's a huge personality, lives in leopard loubies, awesome woman she really is.
  4. Wow. That is something. Wouldn't suit me, but what a gift!

    And yes, I would be jealous. I AM jealous. DH is gone on 7-14day trips pretty much constantly, leaving me alone with a 5yo and a 2yo. I could use some sparkles to distract me from my cabin fever and reward me for my 24-7 work!

    DH? Are you listening? DH?
  5. It's beautiful.
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. OMG...for a minute there I though **I** had written this post LOL,but there is a 12yr old missing from it LOL

    Back to topic....beautiful ring:smile:
  8. wow - beautiful gift
  9. It's a beauty!
    It cheers me up to think that couples still miss each other after being together for years!
  10. Those are definitely some good size sparklies!

  11. LMAO. Glad someone could relate. . . but also sorry that you could. Sigh. Motherhood (especially SAHM with no spouse around most of the time motherhood). The marvelous, all-consuming, exhausting job with no pay and only *spiritual* rewards.
  12. I'm jealous too
  13. :woohoo:I am totally on board with this! My dh has been gone every week for the past month, only home for 1-1/2 days or 2 days between trips. And I have children 4,6 and 8. I could use a little bling in appreciation! :P
  14. Me too but I do LOVE the sparkle!
  15. heck w/the spiritual rewards,give me the BLING!

    JK Im happy & grateful.... just exhausted,extremely exhausted:wacko: Im sure some bling would give me a **boost** :graucho: