Slight asymmetry on my Faridah - would this bother you?

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  1. I love my new Faridah, but I noticed a very slight asymmetry in the front, down where the front pockets meet. I've been harping on it, and my husband keeps saying, "It's a quirk, and any other bag will have some other quirk," but I'm not sure.

    I called both Bloomingdale's in my area to find another one so I can possibly exchange, but neither store had one and both SAs were *****es. Like, seriously *****y and unhelpful.

    What do you guys think? I took some close-ups of the asymmetry. Be honest! And if you guys think I should exchange it, does anyone have a helpful, knowledgeable SA at Bloomingdale's that I can call for help? TIA!

    Notice the asymmetry on the very bottom, where the 2 pockets meet:

    Take a look at the entire bag, and look closely at the bottom again, where the 2 pockets meet:


    Looking down at the pockets:

    What do you guys think? Am I nuts? Do you see how one pocket is sewn over that center front seam? And how the little folding bit at the top is a bit off? Be honest!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I really find it hard to see unless you are actually studying the bag up close and personal! Of course it is up to you but I see no real problem. Looks fantastic to me! IMO
  3. I 100% understand what you are talking about!

    I've recently sold my camouflage Teri because of an assimetry like this! It was minimal, but I couldn't stand it anymore!

    And the worst thing is that everybody thought I was crazy ... because nobody could see the assimetry!
  4. I can't really see it, because the leather seems so soft and smoochy, but if you can see it and it's going to bother you, take it back try and get a new one, NAP (on the international site) got them Matchesfashion has one in a dark grey so you should be able to get one somewhere. btw it looks really nice on you. Good luck:smile:
  5. I agree. It doesn't matter if it bothers other people because it does bother you! I'm totally like that as well! Always comparing identical items to see which one is perfect. :shame: Anyway, I am in your area. Which Bloomingdales did you try? The SAs at the newer one in Chevy Chase have always been helpful when you can actually get them on the phone. I've worked with Patrice in the past, and she's super sweet!
  6. 2'nd that..
  7. looks great to me as well
  8. MJP~ you be crazy, girl!:upsidedown: no, but really, i dont see anything wrong at all with this gorgeous bag!!:okay::love: but if it bothers you that much, you may want to get it exchanged...but due to the quishy, soft leather nature of the bag....i dont think it's at all noticable....if it were a more structured bag, then i'd say that baby right quick..
  9. I am exactly the same way!

    MPJ - You should definitely exchange it. We pay too much money for our bags to be unhappy with them. Good luck!
  10. :yes:

    Also, I'd like to chime in that before I read about what you considered asymmetrical, I thought you were going to say the flaps on the pockets were asymmetrical!!

    I love this bag, I have it and it's so functional and looks great too!!
  11. I know exactly how you feel. I very recently posted a patchwork bag I got and the alignment was off and was bothering me.

    Honestly on your bag I can't tell and in the pics it just looks like the leather is slouching on that one pocket in such a way that it looks asymmetrical but it is not a flaw necessarily.

    I say return it because you will always have that in the back of your head and you may stop carrying the bag because of it.
  12. i don't see it !:confused1:
  13. I don't think I see it, either! Do you think that, with how soft and slouchy the leather is, you could put something in that pocket to even out the look?
    But, even if some of us can't see it, if it really does bother you, you should try to exchange it. You should be 100% happy with your expensive purchases, and unless you got it on major sale there's no reason to compromise. I've learned from experience to always give the bag you're going to buy a serious once-over in the store--it makes me look slightly crazy (with the SA there ready to ring up and everything), but after saving up for a Coach leather bag, only to take it out at home and notice a HUGE bubble in the leather right in the front of the bag, I've decided it's worth it to catch big things like that before you buy.
  14. I went and had a look at my Faridah and it has the same asymmetry. I never noticed it until you pointed it out LOL! However, it doesn't bother me because of the slouchiness of the bag. But if it bothers you try and hunt another one down.
  15. I didnt really notice either, until the pic looking down towards the bottom. (now smooches misalignment was bad!) But if this is something you noticed and will bother you forever, definitely go back and get what you want! Melly is right, good $$ is spent trying to get the exact bag we want! Will other Bloomies that have it in stock ship to one that's closer to you so u can do an even trade?