Sliding Genioplasty - clinics to choose

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  1. One of the most effective procedures to change one's look is sliding genioplasty.

    If done correctly, it not only changes your whole face (making it more harmonious and symmetric), but also emphasizes the other beautiful features you already have.

    A successful genioplasty can make your lips more appealing, highlight your dimples, or even make your cheeks smaller without touching your zygoma.

    But the question is: if this is such an important procedure, which clinic should you entrust this to?

    From my research, I heard both good and bad things about several clinics.

    The ones that are blacklisted, I will never touch.

    So below are the ones I heard of, but know little or nothing about.

    AT clinic

    And these are the bad ones to avoid: (too many botched jobs,
    Top sued, factory clinic with just one look, or someone died there)

    VIP (rip off foreigners)
    Regen - not necessarily bad, just very unresponsive

    If you guys have any experience with genioplasty, please contribute.

    It will really help all of us.

    Most of us are foreigners who come to a strange country for the first time, not knowing the language, with little knowledge or connection.

    So we can use all the help we get.

    Thanks so so much!
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  2. I don't have experience with any surgeries yet but I can mark down the clinics above that I wouldn't consider. the reason for some of them is not so strong like "i read 500 people complain about it and 10 people died", sometimes it's just something that was mentioned and i don't even remember where, so it's up to you to decide if you find it helpful or not. i will mark ** next to the clinics i wouldn't consider for genioplasty. If it's something really bad (like it might actually be dangerous) i will mark four ****.
  3. Thanks. May I know why you mark *** next to Hanface? Isn't he supposed to have graduated from a Western medical school and be really meticulous? That's what I've heard. Maybe he screwed up somewhere...

    Right now, I'm leaning towards EverM, since they are a dental center too. I'm thinking they should know what they are doing when it comes to genioplasty.

    But having the scientific knowledge doesn't mean aesthetic expertise though... I'm so lost....
  4. By the way, I found an interesting article about Chin Implant versus Genioplasty:

    Sliding Genioplasty
    While some surgeons prefer to physically lengthen the jaw itself, an operation known as a sliding genioplasty, in my opinion this procedure is unnecessarily invasive and risky. Sliding genioplasty involves sawing off the mental process while avoiding injury to the sensory nerves and tooth roots, then advancing the chin bone forward and securing it in a cosmetically pleasing alignment using plates and screws. In addition to the risk of lip numbness and devitalized teeth, there is also a risk of bone resorption from a disrupted blood supply and/or infection of the plating hardware, particularly since the procedure is performed through a large intra-oral incision with contamination from saliva. Finally, the cosmetic impact of sliding genioplasty is often disappointing unless spacers or plates are used to fill the gap between the jaw and the chin fragment. Although it is often touted as an alternative to synthetic implants, sliding genioplasty is nearly always performed using synthetic or artificial materials.

    Augmentation Genioplasty with Synthetic Implants
    A popular alternative to sliding genioplasty is augmentation genioplasty, which uses a synthetic chin implant to augment bone contour. Chin implants have been used successfully since the 1960's and are now the most common treatment for microgenia. Early implants fashioned from solid silicone are now giving way to modern porous implant materials with improved safety and performance profiles. Materials such as porous polyethylene (Medpor®), an inert plastic polymer, are engineered to be tissue-friendly with a very low risk of tissue rejection. Available in a wide variety of pre-formed shapes and sizes to accommodate virtually any specific type of microgenia, all Medpor® implants are all manufactured with microporous channels to permit rapid and complete vascular ingrowth. Vascular ingrowth is a major advantage over non-porous implants such as silicone for two reasons. First, penetration of the entire implant by vascularized soft tissue promotes adherence of the implant to the underlying bone. Unlike non-porous implants such as silicone that encapsulate (or form a fibrous sac or capsule around the implant) and move freely with the soft tissues, porous implants adhere to the bone and feel like real bone — both to the patient and to anyone who touches the jaw. The lack of mobility also prevents erosion of the underlying bone, a problem commonly seen in mobile implants. More importantly, vascular ingrowth also permits complete access of the implant to the immune system, thereby greatly reducing the long-term risk of implant infection. However, vascular ingrowth does not preclude safe removal of the implant should that become necessary.

    Like all synthetic implant materials, porous chin implants should be exposed to a little contamination as possible. Although inserting the implant through the mouth conceals the incision, intra-oral insertion also bathes the implant in contaminated saliva. Because a small skin incision beneath the chin is unlikely to result in a visible scar, extra-oral insertion is recommended for chin implant placement. In addition to reduced contamination of the implant, extra-oral insertion also results in far less tissue disruption with a corresponding reduction in risk, pain, swelling, and recovery time. Typically, with the extra-oral approach, patients are chewing and speaking normally by the following day. Because chins are seldom perfectly symmetric, synthetic implants can also be modified in surgery to compensate for asymmetries. Medpor® implants are firm yet malleable, and can be carved with a scalpel for a more precise custom fit.

    Disclaimer: I don't endorse anything written in this article. This should just be considered as opinions, and not facts.
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    i wish i could tell you, i tried to find the info but of course i didn't write it down :sad: for a long time i couldn't find his website or anything but also read about him being great, 20 years experience helping accident victims such a great dr, doesn't advertise, modest, best... and it seemed believable until i found something about him that made me realize he was notall those things that i heard about him, i wish i remembered what... either someone had bad surgery or he changed the name of his clinic after bad surgery or he did something like jung from shimmian, take money from chinese surgeons for a few hours of "training" something weird like that it was. i think. please don't take any of that seriously because i can't remember but it was something bad enough to make me compeltely change my opinion and i can't even remember! i think i didn't write it down bc i just crossed him off my list so i had no need to write it down. i hate my memory haha! sometimes i cna remember things so easily and sometimes i forget things that should be easy to remember... so sorry, wish i could help you more. you can just ignore the **** for facehan if you think you shouldn't take my word for it. i just wrote down everything i know in case it might help you. if you want to research dr han, start here: and his blog. if you ever find out i was wrong please tell me but when i hear something bad enough about a dr or clinic i just cross them off my list, safer than guessing...

    surgeons that specialize in teeth and jaws and face (maxillofacial) like dentist know how to avoid the nerves and everything, you don't want to end up like that girl who killed herself because after 2jaw couldn't close he mouth well or bite very hard and she was always crying because then erve that controls her tear duct was damaged by the surgeon... and it's korea so even a dentist knows how to make you pretty! haha. but a PS doesn't know how to deal with your teeth and jaws necessarily... so i think it's safer. :smile:
  6. thank you for posting the article. hard to know if marketing but it makes sense. i think it's probably true. i read silicone implants also carry a risk of eroding the bone in the chin over time. scary! if the porous materials are the same ones they use to fix broken bones, the rock or cement like material that is a mineral and also porous and your bone grows into it then it should be very safe, oh i remember the name, HA, hydroxy apatite! it has bene used for a long time for bone fusion so i think it's safe for chin too :smile:
  7. Why you mad though? You work for BK or something?

    You're rude. Congrats.

    I'd call it far from dominating the forum considering how new posters always ask the same questions about the same 3 clinics. It kinda seems to me like no one pays attention to the plethora of information she posts and it gets annoying. The reviews on BK aren't solely based on Shinyglittery. There are other people in this forum who have had a problem with that clinic. You have a problem with Bk getting bad reviews, tell BK to stop doing bad work.

    If doctors get mad because a girl wants what she's paying for, they are tripping. If we are investing thousands, sometimes tens-of-thousands, we deserve exactly what we want. Sorry you don't think on the same level.

    If you have information to post to the contrary, post it. Don't come in here with you're snark and no evidence to back up any of your lightweight claims.

    You smell what she's cooking because she's got stuff to cook, you coming to the potluck empty-handed.
  8. I already said you can ignore it because i can't remember why. it is weird why you get so defensive. i don't think i crossed him off for no good reason. you know how much information i have gone through? example: summary of first 106 pages of that thread on one page. i only try to be helpful and share the information so we all have a better chance of making good choices. i make mistakes too, no one should think everything i post is 100% correct. i try my best. i don't understand what your problem is. i also think you are assuming too many things about me...
    thank you yoshiee for your post. i agree, we are paying a lot of money to get what we want, the argument about "realistic expectations", yes we understand that surgery is not like photoshop, you cannot change everything perfectly, but if a dr charges that much money, he should give us good results. if he can't maybe he should go sell houses or work in a bank...
    no dr is perfect all the time but some drs are almost perfect 95% of the time and some are good 0% of the time and only ok 30% of the time and terrible 70% of the time. is it wrong to post who is who?*no, too many girls (and guys) have suffered already, so many ruined faces, ruined lives, what defense is there to that horror?*who can defend it?*sometimes it's an honest accident but many times it's greed, lies and lack of skill, dishonesty. if everyone is quiet about it we will have many more ruined faces, ruined lives. if we try to help each other we can avoid many unhappy people, many dead people...
    i remember the reasons (and have listed them in my thread) about most drs, but not dr Han. based on one dr you say i don't know the reasons for calling any dr's or clinics bad?*read my thread and you will know you're wrong. i don't think i have anything to explain to you or to anyone but i did explain bc i thought it was the honest thing to do.
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  9. So just post the information about him that you think corrects any sort of mis-information you've seen. I think the thing that we are all trying to do is NOT get manipulated by KOREA INC (at least, I'm trying not to; you're correct in that some people here just drink the kool-aid), and shinyglittery has actually been helpful in that. Like I said, she's not the only one who had bad things to say about BK or Dr. Han, so instead of attacking her (which, even if that wasn't your intention, is what happened) you should've, and are still welcome, to post the information that you have which might be helpful to people about Dr. Han; being so defensive makes you seem like you work for BK so now, even if you don't, people might still view your post in that light.

    I don't post here a lot. I do my own research and sometimes I pop in here to ask small questions or give my opinions. Shinyglittery posts lots of information but she always emphasizes that you need to do your own work based on the results you want. People are lazy and just base everything off of what she says because they are lazy and don't want to do the work themselves. You continuously have people who come here, who are leaving tomorrow or in two weeks asking what clinics to go to :shocked:. They might say "well shinyglittery said not to go there" but that's not what happened at all.

    Everyone needs to be personally accountable. There are people who have posted who have had great results with BK clinic and have posted their stories. There are other who have made youtube videos about how terrible it is. The word of mouth is more damaging than any notation shinyglittery has written.

    I appreciate what you're saying about not being influenced by one person, but Shinyglittery has repeatedly refused to recommend clinics and such because she doesn't want to influence anyone's decision either way. I'm personally more worried about people using translators and getting "discounts" and using that as the basis to pick a clinic.
  10. oh my....not to scare you but if after 7 months you are still experiencing COMPLETE numbness that means there's a chance you have experienced permanent sensory nerve damage in the area. But no point worrying yet because you won't know for certain until a year later. Do you still feel absolutely nothing in your site of incision?

    When i had my jaw reduction i couldn't feel a thing in my lower jaw area for up to 3 months. Then i very slowly got my sensations back. At 6 months i had probably 60% of my sensory nerves recovered. But it wasn't until a year later than i can actually scratch my lower jaw area and actually feel it. So just wait it out for now and hopefully it gets better
  11. well look, i think you just need to internalize what shinyglittery shares with us as just one perspective out of many. I don't agree with everything she says but sometimes she does make valid points. Its up to each individual how they choose to interpret whatever information is posted on forums. I mean I might not necessarily take surgical advise from her because she hasn't actually had any surgery but information she has compiled and shared, for example regarding what others have experienced with a particular clinic is still valuable information. If she tells me to think twice about a particular clinic because a forumer told her of a botched surgery, then id be a little concerned and do my own research on the issue. Perhaps by pming the forumer to see what the problem is etc. In that sense as long as people bother to (and they should) be objective about what they learn then any information can potentially be beneficial.
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  12. Do you know if sliding genioplasty (sliding down for receding chin) will make it looks sharper/a bit V-like? Or the only way to make it look shaper is to have T or I cut of the chin like in V line?
    The problem is I have both, receding chin and round chin. So a bit confused of what to so, some clinic said I need V line and some said I need sliding genioplasty, so hope to have some knowledge of this to decide for myself.
  13. Exactly. I have posters PM me all the time, is this clinic good, is this, is this, and I always tell them not to take my words as some kind of truth and trust them completely. If it's someone that seems like they just want a name so they know where to book their surgery 5 minutes after I talked to them I will just tell them to do their research. I have often been worried about being responsible for someone taking my advice and having bad surgery because of me. That would be terrible. If you feel like I haven't posted enough disclaimers then please link this to anyone you feel doesn't understand:
    I share my research to help other people. I don't guarantee 100%, 90% or any part of what I say is true because I can't. I don't know so much that I can say "all I write is true for sure". It's really hard to gather information about clinics and doctors in Korea because millions are spent to shape the image of those clinics and doctors regardless of the truth. Many people join this forum just to spread false information so they can benefit from us financially. I'm not beyond making mistakes, if I'd gone last december I might have selected the wrong clinic/doctor despite my research. If you find what I share valuable, I'm glad, but if it doesn't seem to make sense and no one else seems to be saying it and you can't find any information confirming it then it might be best to ignore it.
  14. Can you please tell us which doctor and clinic u did your sliding genioplasty with? If you can tell us more about your experience and if you've fully healed? Or PM me. I'm considering the same procedure. Thanks!
  15. You had surgery 7 years ago and still numb from it? Can you tell us more about it? Where did you go and which doctor?