Slideshow of the spring collection is up on the RM website!

  1. Not available in the "shop" section yet but gorgeous pictures on the main page as a slideshow! Yay!
  2. Thanks for the heads-up!
  3. No problem! There are new pictures and some great new views of the Steady bag. Very lovely! I bet this means the new bags will be in the store soon too!
  4. :popcorn:
  5. Check out the pink matinee!
  6. I can't take my eyes off the getaway tote! Somebody posted a picture of it earlier in black and gold! Its amazing!
  7. love them!!
  8. Oh my - the getaway satchel and the market bag are quite nice!
  9. I "think" that's the Ruby Matinee.....but I could be wrong!
  10. I think you are right! Somehow it looks pinker on the website and I didn't associate it with Ruby but I think you are correct. As usual! :smile: Yummy color!
  11. Ooh, love the pink (or maybe it's ruby) on the Matinee? clutch!