Slide Show-Most Expensive Handbags

  1. Here is a link from Forbes Magazine of the most expensive prepared to DROOL!

    Most Expensive Handbags -
  2. Cool bags. Loved the croc YSL Muse.
  3. wow..
  4. nice thanks for the post!
  5. Thanks! I love the Gucci Boston bag. The green is beautiful!
  6. wow... bags are taking over the world. hehehe
  7. I want that first one! The Fendi... not sure the DH would agree to spending half our years wages on a purse though!
  8. Yay for paddingtons!!!
  9. I want all of them!!!
  10. Want, Want, Want!!!!:love: :nuts:
    though quite the extreme opposite of what I'm looking for right now...
    But a girl can always DREAM!!!:girlsigh:
  11. great slide show, i love bagS!
  12. :hysteric: HELP!!! I WANT A HERMES BAG!!! WHAT'S A GIRL GOTTA DO TO GET A HERMES BAG? (selling organs not an option, I'm still very fond of my liver, although humans have 2 kidneys right?)
  13. thanks for the post...I have a Gucci Boston in Guccissima leather it is not the croc but, made me feel too