SLG's - where do you carry coins?

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  1. I've been trying to downsize what I carry in order to carry some smaller bags so I recently sold my Chanel compact tri fold wallet in hopes of getting all my stuff into a smaller coin purse/card holder type of slg. I still like to carry a few coins but they don't really fit.. does anyone carry a separate coin holder? is that annoying to grab cash out of one place & coins out of another? Any good coin holders you can recommend?
  2. I would go with the zippy coin purse instead of two different items.
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  3. thx do you have a photo of that one by any chance?
  4. Thanks! I love camilla! this style is so cute but I'm not sure it will hold all my cash, cards AND coins? where do the coins go? do they fall out? thx again :smile: appreciate your help
  5. It has 3 compartments, I usually put my cards in one and cash/coupons/coins in the other two.
    SInce you zip it, nothing will fall out.
    If you carry a lot of coins and don´t mind to stuff everything together in a small pouch, check this one out:

    It´s also available in the current collection.
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  6. If you prefer to have a more organized wallet, this might be better.
    It´s basically the same size as the pouch, but more expensive, therefore I prefer either the coin purse or the small o case.
    But to each their own. :smile:
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  7. gotcha good point :smile: tho I do like the organization with the coins going in the middle.. hmm ok well at least it looks as if I have some good choices now. Thx again so much!
  8. I would recommend the LV round coin purse or Hermes Bastia. I have the round coin purse and love it!! And also heard wonderful things about the Bastia as well!
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  9. Personally I also prefer a compact wallet that fits it all as well cash coin and cards lol I’m currently using the lv victorine the Zoe is even smaller but with Chanel I second the zippy coin purse
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  10. good to know thx!
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  11. thx!
  12. Hasn’t anyone destroyed a wallet with dirty coins? I don’t like to carry them in my wallets after I made the mistake with an LV. It turned the brown leather in the zippered pocket black/gray after a few years. I toss them in my pocket and they end up in the drink holder in my car, or in my son’s piggy bank.
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  13. Mine has the pink ballerina lining and I was worried too but it has held up good so far to coins. The only think that isn’t so good is the pink button lol
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