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  1. I've noticed many of you have "tons" of accessories so I was wondering:
    what's the best item among the SLGs you own?
    Is there a piece you can't do without it?!
    I'm really curious to know!:smile:
  2. wallets
  3. I love my Roses Zippy Wallet and my Poche Toilette 19 most of all!!
  4. OMG I love them all! I extremely love the heart coin purses and the small agendas :nuts:
  5. Zippy coin purse.
  6. ZCP! it's small enough to fit into small bags.... and i like it because i don't carry cash much of the time. :]
  7. Sarah wallets!
  8. The cles keychain! Going out, I just put my Amex and debit card inside. For day to day, it holds my garage and security cards for the two garages I park in. My building also requires a security card, so it's the best way to never lose your security card as long as I can remember my keys.
  9. Sarah Wallets!
  10. my damier azur 4keyring holder FOR SURE.
    i love my wallet, but i don't know why theres something something about the keyholder that i just love so much!
  11. Sarah Wallet
  12. 1) Sarah Wallet when I carry a big purse
    2) ZCP when I carry a small purse or a pochette
    3) Heart Coin Purse use as a purse charm or keeping small items
    4) Wapity Case for my camera
    5) Love all my pochettes

    I don't use a cles nor an agenda so I can't give ideas on that.
  13. Zippy coin purse and my MC pochette cles. It is larger than other cles and I can put my cards, coins and keys in there with no problem.
  14. My Damier Key and Change Holder ;)
  15. ZCP, and my cles