SLG's For Neverfull DA

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  1. I've reserved the Neo Neverull MM in DA and am expected to receive it in April. This will be my first DA and am looking for suggestions for what SLG's should I get to go with the new bag.
    For my DE NF, I've de cosmetic pochette, mini pochette, cles and mono Emilie wallet and a pochette NM.
  2. Oh and I think I will go with a light color lining (possibly original) as I am not sure how the bright orange or fuscia would like with DA. My SA was not sure what colors would be offered but guessed that they would be the same as mono neo NF.
  3. If you like for your SLG's to match your bag, you could go with a similar combination. A wallet, Cles and Pochette NM would be a nice start. There are some SLG's that it's nice to have in other materials/colors so that you can use them in several bags without the worry of matching up prints. I'm trying to do this with some of mine. I went with the cosmetic pouch in Aube to use in all my bags, leather and canvas. Good luck deciding.