SLG in lambskin?

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  1. Hi Ladies, so I just received my new square mini in black caviar- yeah!! And I'm in love with it:smile:. (I was planning on doing a post when I receive it's fraternal twin on Monday the vintage lambskin with gold hardware). Soooo, now of course I "need" a card case to put in my new mini's. I want one that snaps closed, so my cards aren't exposed, and I was hoping to find one with a pop of color, but the only ones my SA has found in brighter colors are all in lambskin. Since I plan on carrying my keys in the mini as well, I worry the lambskin would get beat up pretty quickly? Should I hold out for caviar or aged calfskin?! Thank you ladies!
  2. image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Here are the two in lambskin I am considering- the green one and the pink (not the burgundy one). Any thoughts on the green vs pink would also be appreciate The other option I am considering is a Louis Vuitton zippy coin purse in Epi leather... Thanks!
  4. I think a lamb slg would be great! I have a burgundy patent card case but would love a lamb wallet. I don't think it'd suffer inordinately from wear. I have both lamb and caviar bags, and never had a problem with lamb even with frequent use. I also have a zippy long wallet in Epi noir, but think a Chanel lamb wallet has a little more "cachet".

    They're all nice colors, I'm leaning toward the pink. I think you'd love it! Go for it!
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  5. I have a black lambskin chanel card case flap Thought of exchanging with the caviar but think the lambskin is better looking. Haha!
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  6. i think lambskin SLG is great! I bought a black lambskin coin purse one month ago, and I use it every thing day. As long as you don't put it with keys, no need to worry about scratches! BTW I love this burgandy caviar coin purse, so pretty!
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  7. Maybe my purchase of buying a chanel flap card case in lambskin made me realize that what i wanted is a medium classic flap in lambskin!
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  8. Hmm- that's what I'm worrie about. The coin purse will be with my keys in the mini, and there isn't a ton of room in there...
  9. Maybe you should just put your keys in the dust bag of the lambskin card case :smile: or anything safe lol! By a key pouch that could hold your keys.
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  10. yeah...that might be a problem. Are you considering that burgandy cavair coin purse? I think it is so pretty, the color , and the boy style
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  11. I hadn't been- was looking more for a pop of color- my bags are mostly black with some navy and gray mixed in, so figured for a small piece I should liven it up a bit . I agree though, the boy style is awesome!
  12. Lambskin SLGs feel much puffier and nicer! Also, unlike with bags where you'd want them to last a long long time, if your SLGs are *too* durable you'd never have an excuse to get new ones, would you.... ;)
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  13. Suuuuch a good point ;)
  14. Another option is to wait for cruise Cuba . The collection is so colorful the SLGs must be as well!!! Cruise usually arrives around October-September. Can't go wrong with either! The lambskin of current seasons seem to be much less delicate than prior seasons. If it were me, if go for the green one, esp with the beautiful shiny ruthenium hardware. Greens are much less common than pinks, which are available pretty regularly in different shades. Good luck!
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  15. I, too, have found the current Chanel lambskin classic flaps and SLGs to seem far less delicate than previous seasons. I am finding my new lambskin "additions" to be more saturated with color and I am not experiencing color transfer from either my lamb classic flaps or the lamb SLGs that are housed inside the classic flaps, both of which I was initially extremely concerned about. Not to mention, that green is TDF! I have seen plenty of pinks IRL, but NEVER green - to this day. And in lambskin, especially, that SLG looks absolutely divine!✨✨
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