Slg for lots of cards?

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  1. Hi all! I want to get a slg to keep a bunch of cards (like a little wallet but all I take with me are cards), 3 credit cards, 1 ID and 1 insurance card. So 5 cards maybe one more just in case. I was thinking the LV monogram cardholder but will 5-6 cards even fit and will it look super bulky? Is the cles a better idea? Or something else? I don’t want to spend like $800 on a wallet either. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  2. I use a cles, have 7 or 8 cards in mine, and some change/cash
    It’s not bulky at all!!
    I removed the hook and chain as i never used it, so it’s just a card holder

    I highly recommend it!!
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  3. Def cles :smile:
  4. Cles too
  5. I have used a vernis business card holder (you can get in other canvas) for many years. It holds a huge amount of cards, snaps closed and has a divider in it. It’s a fabulous piece. I can’t seem to kill this thing. Been using it overstuffed everyday for many years.
  6. I have a pocket organizer and I carry at least 8 cards in it.
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  7. My vote is for a mini pochette!!!! The mini pochette makes the best little wallet. You can tuck in the chain if it bugs you.
  8. I use a pocket organizer with 6 cards.
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  10. I can’t believe no one has mentioned the multicartes yet!
  11. I would recommend the multicartes as well. It holds a lot of cards and takes up very little space.
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  12. have you considered the multicartes? its for multiple cards and I love the way it feels in my hand.

    it's available online

  13. Yes, totally agree about the multicartes. I love mine and you can put so many cards in it, also folded cash too. It’s so cute, and bonus on the colors.
  14. I use the Zipped Card Holder. Can fit 5 cards and bills in the compartment.
  15. I love this as a card holder. I originally got the graphite one for my hubby but he gave it to me because he has a habit of losing small wallets (lost 2 coach ones); so to risk losing this one, he told me to keep it for myself. :smile:
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