SLG Dilemna: "true" caviar vs. "washed"(?) vs. lambskin()??

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  1. #1 Jun 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
    Last weekend I purchased a card case and matching wallet in what I believe is "true" caviar leather. (LEFT side of pic). However, I am having 2nd thoughts; I am (somewhat) convinced I need to exchange both items for lambskin - the supple, creamy, luxurious feeling Chanel is famous/infamous(?) for ("if" that option is even available.)

    Since purchase, none of these SLGs have not their boxes given I am considering an exchange; meanwhile I am incessantly "haunted" by the ✨lambskin-gods✨.

    I do not own any Chanel in lambskin. I have purchased the above items to accompany my new Jumbo Classic Flap in Black Chevron Caviar Leather.

    "Brag my Bag" writes time and again: "We always recommend lambskin for accessories like wallets because lambskin just feels much more luxurious than caviar or other leather. It’s fragile, but you will have your Wallet protected inside your bag and only pull out whenever you’re paying the bill."

    I am completely torn (and frustrated)! Not sure WHAT to do! I certainly cannot afford both, nor would I want to own "both". I am equally stressed-out because I purchased the EXACT same wallet plus a different style card case just 1 week earlier. (RIGHT side of pic). Both appear to be "washed caviar leather"? However I was given the impression I was buying "just" caviar leather; the SAs at my Nordstrom Chanel boutique know very little about their merchandise.😔

    Please note: the lighting helps make the "washed caviar(?)" on the RIGHT appear far shinier than in real life. Technically under normal lighting, the wallet on the RIGHT is seriously dull, drab and cannot compete with the sheen and puffiness of the "true" caviar products on the LEFT.

    The other two "true" caviar items (LEFT side of pic.) were purchased at the Chanel Boutique on Rodeo Dr in Beverly Hills (my 1st visit ever!) I was motivated to make my debut visit (2 hours into "the city) because something just did not seem quite right with the Nordstrom Chanel SLGs.

    Mamma needs to unload these duplicates off her credit card and decide what "makes her heart sing" ❤️🎤 or just return EVERYTHING and pick-up her toys from the sandbox and go home. 😔

    I continue to just make myself crazy. 👻 LV has never made me crazy. From Day 1, Chanel has not ceased making me feel like a nutcase.👹

    Any feedback is sincerely appreciated... 🌻

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  2. Keep the caviar versions. Lambskin for heavy usage items such as wallets and slgs wears faster. Good luck.
  3. Caviar
  4. hello! congrats on your purchases. :smile: they all look good to me.

    but first you need to return the washed caviar SLGs to Nordstrom since you don't like the dull finish.

    as for the true caviar ones if you are keeping a wallet and card case, why don't you keep one in caviar and exchange the other for lambskin? I'll suggest the card case to be in lambskin. that way you get to enjoy both types of leather!
  5. Caviar for sure. Brag my bag may say that "your wallet is protected inside your bag", but that's actually when my stuff gets damaged the most. it's rattling around in there, getting knocked around against your sunglasses case, cosmetics bag, planner, phone, etc.
  6. WONDERFUL idea! Thank you!!
  7. I could not agree with you more!! Absolutely spot-on! I envision all these little dents and scuffs in the perfect lambskin quilts of a wallet. What's up with "Brag my Bag"? They encourage lambskin SLGs in multiple articles. Not sure what they're thinking. Thank you very much for your reply!