sleet story

  1. I just ran out around the corner to my Starbucks for an americano, taking along my new Bbag, which I LOVE. The Starbucks being so close, I don't think to bring a jacket, but rather a thick sweater to shield me from the cool weather. Lo and behold girls, it starts sleeting as I'm waiting for my beverage. I had to remove my fuzzy warm sweater and wrap up my cinnamon City in a bundle, shivering the entire way home in a flimsy long-sleeve tee. This was our first 'bad weather' moment together. At least she's ok. I apologized to her as well for putting her at such risk!

    Does anyone else do the same thing? Or talk to their bags when they've done them wrong?:shame:
  2. I actually remember reading a thread about someone who got caught in the rain with their bbag and she didnt have anything to protect it with so she lumped it.

    When the bag dried, apparently the bag was heaps softer and nicer than it was pre-rain incident.

    I still wouldnt do it intentionally though! I'd be too scared the hardware would tarnish/rust!
  3. I got especially worried too since I recently read a post about a person's leather peeling on the bag's edges. Are '05 Bbags a bit more hearty?
  4. i've gotten caught in the rain with my b's and I just wrap my arms around them to shield and protect! LOL
  5. :lol: but really, will the hw rust??! cos i don't want to baby my bag too much; a little roughing out by the elements of nature gives it more character, no? :jammin:
  6. No clue?! That's the only thing I'd be worried about!
  7. I don't shield my bbag from bad weather - it does fine :shrugs:
  8. Thanks for all this good information. I won't be as afraid if I get caught in bad weather. You gals are the best!
  9. I stuff mine under my jackets - take it off, put the bag on and put the jacket back on! :roflmfao:
  10. I live in Chicago and have my bags in all kinds of weather. If I worried about them getting wet and everything else Chicago has to offer, I would never be able to carry them. Mine aren't in the best shape, but I don't plan on ever selling them.
  11. Maybe u wanna try rain and stain repellant in future. It rains a lot in Singapore. And my bag is still GREAT
  12. Lol... I got caught in a rain/snow storm yesterday and you could forget about using your umbrella, it got turned inside out. My matelasse was dripping WET. I was worried because the water was turning the leather black (just wetness)! But now it has dried, and looks totally fine! PHEW!!!!
  13. With my very first bbag when I got caught in the rain I made sure I hid my bag well under my jacket :biggrin:
    I use water & stain repellant now but I probably would still try not to get them wet.
  14. I smother my Cognac City in conditioner/rain repellent when I'm going out. Also, I always carry an umbrella (tiny one that fits into Bbag). If I get caught in a shower I use the umbrella and rush inside the nearest big store/coffee house, etc till it goes off. Since I live in (wet) Ireland there always has to be a plan B!
  15. I live in Wisconsin so I should always bring something to protect my bbag but once I was walking in to work and it just starting raining/sleeting. I only had a sweatshirt on(which was dumb!) so I tucked my bbag under the front of my sweatshirt. I had one older lady just stare at me because she thought I was pregnant!! (I'm only 19) My grey first was safe but now I always bring an umbrella or a bag to put her in!!