Sleepykitten's Louis Vuitton Collection

  1. Hello everyone~
    Seeing everybody's fabulous collection:love: , I want to share mine too;)

    I bought all these in one month, ever since I joined this forum^^"

    I'm on a ban now~ so won't have anymore until Christmas or Next Year~ So I think it's a good time to post the collection.

    :heart: :love: :heart: :love: Enjoy!


  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. very nice! i have the anouska wallet too!
  4. Ohhhh you like the RARE bags...Good for you! Fab!:heart:
  5. Wow! For a new collector, you have chosen some beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Gorgeous! Panda is so cute!
  7. Very nice :smile:
  8. hello~
    wow, just saw my thread has been approved :smile: YAY!!

    Thanks everyone~
  9. Oh my! That's a lot of pretty purses!:biggrin:
  10. And i also need to edit the name of the smaller cherry blossom bag, it's called Griotte~
  11. :yes: i really the the black vernis color~
    I bought the bigger one for a lower price than the smaller one, kinda da stupid,lol.
  12. I know, took me long to find one at right price:yahoo:
  13. Very nice! I love your pink clutch.
  14. aww...very nice collection! Loving the panda monnaie round
  15. Gorgeous collection!! :biggrin: Love them all !