Sleepwear for winter

  1. Does anyone have any great finds for winter sleepwear. Since I live in Minnesota now I struggle with finding sleepwear that is still sexy and attractive that I don't freeze in during the cold months.
    If anyone has any great brands please let me know!!
  2. I typically wear the juicy couture velour pants to bed :yes:
  3. i get £4 pyjama's from primark! they come in loads of different paterns and colours, and they're really snuggly and warm!!
  4. I love Nick & Nora flannel PJ's! My favorite pair is a light seafoam green with chickens, eggs and roosters all over it. It's hilarious!
  5. Scanty PJs are my favorite! They are cut like regular clothes so you still look cute while trying to stay warm!
  6. I wear flannel PJs when it gets cold around the house. When I go to bed, I just wear a t-shirt and panties though. If I'm cold, I add on an extra comforter. If I wear too many clothes to bed, I just end up twisting it all up because I move around a lot in my sleep.
  7. Me too! I recent got a pair of flannel-type pj bottoms for £3 with a matching vest top for £2, and a pair of fleecy pj bottoms (that I actually wear round the house ALL the time) for £3. It's getting quite embarrassing as every time the parcel man comes to the door (with my various deliveries) I always have them on :okay:
  8. I love Nick and Nora pajamas (cute and WARM), but I also love gap body. They have comfy, but slightly sexy pajama separates. I wear gap body pajamas year round.
  9. I really reccomend Victoria's Secret pjs (Some are fleece lined and still cute) and also gap. The gap has really good quality pjs and their cutest stuff comes out around Nov-Dec.
  10. I have soo many PJs. But w/out a doubt my faves arre scanty thermal & VS thermal and flannel. Love them! :smile:

    Gap & La Senza are also pretty good.

    I've tried cheap ones like primark ect and they are just not worth it. After a few wears the quality feels terrible and they shrink.
  11. i alwasy end up in sleep pants from victoria's secret
  12. I like Victoria's Secret and I also have lots of cheap lounge pants from Old Navy.
  13. Oh my goash, I feel your pain! I'm in Montana! I'll next be warm sometime in July 2008. Sexy and warm is hard. If you're seriously cold, silk long underwear is great (I think there's a catalog called Undersilks.) An electric blanket is a lifesaver
  14. Never mind the winters, I have that problem now with air conditioning. I hate it! My bedroom is like an ice box. Sometimes I end up wearing a cami under a jogging suit or my juicy pants. Definatly not very sexy but I'm too cold. I think I'll be warmer once the airs off.
  15. I'm addicted to the GAP body for sleepwear. I have tons. I like variety. Very comfy.